Saturday, 25 October 2014

New Rachel Interviews

Wow! What a busy week the blog is having ... 

Below is the interview released this week on In it Rachel talks about her 'Honary Dad' Sting, Belfast Pubs and (my personal favourite) Wicked Wishes.

Click here to read the whole interview. 

“Sting is a father figure to us all. He is so genuinely caring—about Rachel first, and then about how the show is doing. It’s been the most profound experience to have him tweak his music and lyrics around me and my voice. He’s a genius, and I don’t use that word as a joke.”

“It’s lovely to use real emotions in creating a character. Meg is fiery and tender, she’s got a massive heart, and she loves her family. I think we’re very similar. I have a son and a family I adore. I have not been in [a love triangle]. That’s one thing I don’t mirror.”

Finally, here is a snippet from the article published in the Vancouver Sun.  Read the full two-page article here.

Tucker, a native of the shipbuilding Northern Ireland city of Belfast who plays the object of a love triangle in the show, downloaded Sting's CD before going on holiday and was transported home.

"Every song I listened to I was like, 'That is a story in itself.' It got me. It brought me home to Belfast," says the singer, who starred as Elphaba in "Wicked" in the West End and is making her Broadway debut. "It took me home."

Working with the 16-time Grammy winner who led the seminal band The Police has turned Tucker into a "giddy 2-year-old." To get into character, she visited Newcastle, went to the shipyard at Wallsend and even picked up a rivet from the ground as a keepsake.

"It's a complete dream come true," she says.

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