Monday, 27 October 2014

Saturday Night Shout - The Last Ship & Jersey Boys

So it seems there is a long standing tradition between the Neil Simon (The Last Ship) & the August Wilson (Jersey Boys) theatres. We're still trying to piece it all together but here's what we know so far...

On The Last Ship's first. Saturday night Jersey Boys welcomed them with a lovely banner from the windows of their theatre.

Each Saturday night since then one of the casts puts on a street performance for the other one.

Video from Sat 11th Oct, when The Last Ship along with their captain 'Sting' serenaded the Jersey Boys with a bit of 'All Night Long' in front of their theatre.

The following week Jersey Boys were up, and gave The Last Ship a bit of "Wanna be Startin' Somethin'. "

This weekend 25th Oct it was back in the hands of The Last Ship. There's a few different videos of this one, see if you can spot Rachel?

There's also a really high quality snippet from this weeks 'Saturday Night Shout' on Eye Witness News, here along with some photos.

We've also found this gorgeous photo of Rachel with her co-star Fred Applegate in this batch of photos from Gettys Images, which is fast becoming our new favourite place to find new pictures of Rachel.

We'll try & keep you updated on the 'Saturday Night Shout (or Scream as some are calling it) on a fortnightly basis as videos come in. It seems like a lot of fun. 

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