Wednesday, 21 September 2016

Enter our #CreativeChallenge & Win!

So we've been saying for a LONG time that we had some Playbills to give away to you wonderful lot & we just needed a solid competition idea. Well we've finally worked out what we want from you, so read below, share with your friends and most importantly... get creative!!

Here's what you could win...

Top Prize:Wicked Broadway Cup
Signed Wicked Playbill late 2015 Broadway Cast (Rachel & a few others).
Signed Wicked Playbill early 2016 Broadway Cast (Rachel & one other?).
Something Rotten, Noises Off & Finding Neverland Playbills.
Runners Up: x4
1 x Wicked Playbill late 2015 Broadway Cast
1 x Wicked Playbill early 2016 Broadway Cast
Honourable Mentions: x4
1 x Wicked Playbill from early 2016 Broadway Cast

For further information, clarification or other, please don't hesitate to contact us, leave a comment, tweet us or chat on Facebook.

Looking forward to see all your entries & just how creative you guys can get. Have fun!

Friday, 16 September 2016

Wicked10 New Production Shots

So we waited patiently for new shots of the 10th Anniversary cast & can't lie were slightly gutted when they tried to fool us into believing this was a new shot of Rachel & didn't even use any of her Broadway productions shots... but all is forgiven with the gift they & the genius that is @MrMattCrockett have bestowed upon us today...

First we got this teaser & the hour that followed was a torturously agonizing wait for the actual images. In which some of us spent all that time constantly re-watching the below teaser, refreshing all the Wicked UK Social media platforms & trying to find Gifs that adequately portrayed our pain/excitement (if you follow us on Twitter you saw it all).

Then 12pm rolled along and we got these.
Wicked London's 10th Anniversary Elphaba...

How stunning? I mean what else can I say? Not to slap a gift horse in the mouth but i'm hoping there will be more with the new cast, but assuming they will role out over the next week or so leading up to the 10th Anniversary show on 27th September, have you got your tickets yet?

In other news... I am aware i've been slacking in the blog department, but I trust you all follow the blog Twitter account which is always up to date, I will endeavour to catch the blog up with some throwback's to add what's missing, hope you all understand, life get's in the way sometimes. xA

Friday, 20 May 2016

Rachel Tucker's Elphie is coming BACK to the Westend!!

It has just been announced that after Rachel finishes on Broadway on 30th July, she will be coming back to reprise her role in the Westend from 5th Sept for a 5 month run, to celebrate the London productions 10 year anniversary. 
"GOOD NEWS! We are DELIGHTED to announce our 10th Anniversary London Cast for ‪#‎WickedUK‬!From Monday 5 September, the new cast that will lead us through our 10th birthday celebrations will include: Rachel Tucker, returning to London's West End direct from her triumphant run on Broadway, to play 'Elphaba'; Suzie Mathers, who joins from the Australian production to star as 'Glinda'; Oliver Savile continuing as 'Fiyero'; Anita Dobson joins to play 'Madame Morrible'; Mark Curry who continues as 'The Wizard'; original cast member Martin Ball returns to play 'Doctor Dillamond'; original cast member Katie Rowley Jones continues as 'Nessarose', and Idriss Kargbo joins to play 'Boq'. Alice Fearns will be our Standby for 'Elphaba' and Carina Gillespie continues as Standby for 'Glinda'. ‪#‎Wicked10‬"


"Executive producer Michael McCabe said: "We are delighted to announce the fantastic company that will lead us through the 10th birthday celebrations at the Apollo Victoria Theatre later this year."BUY TICKETSBoth new leads are familiar with the roles, Tucker played Elphaba in London from 2010 - 2012 and has recently been leading the Broadway cast of Wicked, Mathers joins the West End production from the Australian tour and has also toured with the show in Singapore, South Korea, New Zealand and the Philippines."   

"Current London cast members Emma Hatton (Elphaba), Savannah Stevenson (Glinda), Liza Sadovy (Madame Morrible), Sean Kearns (Doctor Dillamond), Daniel Hope (Boq) and Natalie Andreou (Standby for Elphaba) will all play their final performances September 3. "   

"Joining the ensemble are: James Darch, Fraser Fraser, Alexandra Grierson, Olivia Kate Holding, Claudia Kariuki, Will Lucas, Chanel Mian, Ella Nonini, Rosa O’Reilly, Joe Sleight, Jessamy Stoddart and Sasha Wareham. Continuing in the ensemble are: Kerry Enright, Freya Field, Joseph Fletcher, David Gale, Sergio Giacomelli, Aaron Jenkins, Billy Mitchell, Scott Monello, Julienne Schembri, Paulo Teixeira, Joe Toland, Hannah Toy, Russell Walker and Helen Woolf.Please note that Rachel Tucker, Anita Dobson and Katie Rowley Jones appear until Saturday 28 January 2017 only."
 "Rachel Tucker, one of the world’s favourite Elphaba’s, will douse herself in green paint once more as she returns to the London production of Wicked in September to lead the show’s 10th anniversary cast."

"Speaking from Broadway, she said: “I’m thrilled to come back to my old turf, my dressing room and work with the crew again. This was my  first dream role after leaving drama school.”"

Funnily enough today marks six years since Rachel opened as Elphaba on the Westend with Louise Dearman & that magnificent cast, so how apt that today of all days they would announce her return, and a welcome return it will be. Especially after so many people made the journey over to see her in NY, now we can see her once again (or twice or many more times) & bask in the perfection of her Elphie..

So mark your diaries & stock up those piggy banks, maybe also get your day seating kit ready too, for our Saturday get togethers. Tucker's coming back & it's going to be a whirlwind of awesome. Here's to fun times on the AV steps with all you like minded fans.

Monday, 18 April 2016

Rachel & Carrie chat to Tyler Mount

Almost 2 weeks ago, Carrie St Louis, the current Glinda to Rachel Tucker's Broadway Elphaba posted a tease on her Instagram, at the fact her & Rachel had just recorded a fun interview with Tyler Mount for his Playbill Vlog. This was enough to get us very excited about the interview.

Then as if that wasn't enough to have us dying to see this interview, last week Rachel posted a group of photos from the interview on her Facebook..


Today Tyler teased that the video would finally be released ...

Then suddenly the wait was over & we got to see his fabulous Vlog with Rachel Tucker & Carrie St Louis, so without further ado..

We couldn't help but Gif the last few moments for you all.. so enjoy these wee gifts for you all.

Wednesday, 2 March 2016

Rachel on 'Show People' with Paul Wontorek

Earlier today Broadway.Com shared this weeks episode of "Show People" and lucky for us their guest was Rachel Tucker. Click through to check it out or watch below.

This is such a fabulous interview with Rachel, just finished & already need to watch again. It's funny I was just thinking today that there had not been enough proper interviews with Rachel since she started back in Wicked & then boom.. here we go.

Must apologise for my lack of updates on the blog recently, there's been so much happening & then my own little trip to New York to see our green girl in action. There's been incredible new promo pictures posted recently & i've been waiting patiently for them all to be released before sharing in a blog post, but have been Tweeting/Instagramming & adding to our Facebook page as soon as I become aware of them. So if you're not already following us on those please do click through & join us.

Also will be running a few competitions soon to win a couple of Playbills from Wicked on Broadway, so keep an eye out for those on Twitter, as soon as I decide what you'll need to do to enter.

Will get to catching up on some of the important things that belong on the blog for you guys asap & hope to do some little write ups about the Wicked shows I saw whilst over there & just how much Rachel's Elphaba has evolved. She was out of this world in London & now over on Broadway with the opportunity to revisit this character, she's completely blown her own bar out of the water & truly does live in the 'skin of Elphie' as Paul mentioned above. I'd been trying to find a way to describe how she just 'IS' Elphie & he kind of hit the nail on the head. I could honestly babble on for hours about how 'perfect' her Elphaba is but i'll save it for when I can make it make sense. Just know that if you have NOT been to see Rachel on Broadway yet, you need to get on it. Break out the piggy bank & make that happen.

For your information: Rachel will not be performing on the following dates & has tweeted that her contract is up on 19th June 2016, so honestly guys, get those diaries out & start planning.

Sunday, 10 January 2016

Rachel in Japan

So as you may know, Rachel is currently in Tokyo, Japan for the "New Years Musical Concerts 2016." Co-stars for the concert are Laura Osnes, Robert Marien, Matt Laurent & Howard McGillin.

We've just found this video Rachel did before leaving for Japan, to let everyone know she was heading over.

Monday, 4 January 2016

Backstage with Rachel Tucker!

Earlier today released the next addition to their "Backstage Life" series & our girl Rachel Tucker was the one in the spotlight this week. She took as behind the scenes with a few photos from backstage featuring Jonah Platt (current Fiyero) & Kara Lindsey (current Glinda, till 31st Jan).. check out the original article on

Wednesday, 30 December 2015

Jonah Platt chats to Rachel in #FiyeroTime

If you've been following the #FiyeroTime video blogs with Jonah Platt for then you will have seen his teasing tweet last week, suggesting that he'd be interviewing Rachel in an upcoming episode & yesterday we finally got to see that episode & it did not disappoint.

Friday, 18 December 2015

The View &'s Character study with Rachel

The View. 

On Wednesday 16th of December 'Michelle Collins' from ABC's "The View" made her Broadway debut. In the video below Michelle chats to Rachel about getting green & then you get a few sneaky clips of Rachel actually on stage in Wicked on Broadway. It's a very interesting watch, so check it out below. 

 "Michelle Collin's, a co-host of ABC's THE VIEW is a big time musical theater fan. As she explained to THE TALKshow's audience, "When I was given the opportunity to appear on Broadway it was truly a dream come true." Below, watch Collins make her 28-second Broadway debut in Wicked, after she gets a little advice from the show's current stars, Kara LINDSAY and Rachel Tucker. "                                   BroadwayWorld

Michelle Collins in Broadway's Wicked
Candace Cameron Bure and Raven-Symonรฉ surprise Michelle Collins at her Broadway debut in WICKED The Musical!
Posted by The View on Wednesday, 16 December 2015

A video posted by Tucker FanBlog (@racheltuckerblog) on

Character Study with Rachel Tucker, on Elphaba!

Earlier this evening Broadway.Com released a new "Character Study" video with Rachel chatting about the Elphaba as a character, who she understands her to be & why she's such a great role model, all over top of a gorgeous video of Rachel transforming into the character of Elphaba.

I have to say, I absolutely love this video. Reminds me of why I love Rachel Tucker's Elphie so much, and it has everything to do with her understanding of the character & how comfortable she is in her green skin.. there's just something about Tuckphie.

Also love that fact she's got a picture of her first Glinda with her over there.. and do we wish Lou could go to the party too!
A video posted by Tucker FanBlog (@racheltuckerblog) on

Check below for more pictures we've put on Instagram from this video.

ICYMI: New 'Out Of Oz' video.

As you may remember from our earlier blog on the Out Of Oz series, Wicked are in the process of a slow roll out of some re-imagined takes on the Wicked music.. it started with Rachel Tucker & Aaron Tveit's version of Defying Gravity & early last week they finally released the next instalment. Which lucky for us Rachel is in. It's a gorgeous re-interpretation of 'I'm Not That Girl' with Rachel's co star & Glinda, Kara Lindsey. Broadway.Com describes it as bluegrass, but i'd just describe it as a nice upbeat & fun version of this gorgeous song. I don't know about you but I love it when people take well known/loved songs & turn them on their head in an out of context kind of way. It gives the song a completely fresh meaning having it sung as a duet. Anywho enough rambling just in case you've not seen it, we've added it below for you. First though check out the teaser video they released with Rachel introducing the video.

“A simply beautiful song.” –Rachel Tucker, Broadway’s Current Elphaba Share this behind-the-scenes clip! We’ll release the entire new #OutofOz video when we have 1,000 shares on Facebook!
Posted by WICKED The Musical on Tuesday, 8 December 2015

Instagram Catch Up....
There's always some interesting pics & sometimes clips on Instagram, so I thought' i'd embed some below for you guys, in case you missed them. All credit to those who took the photos. Speaking of Instagram, i've set up an Instagram account for the blog, so check us out on Instagram at RachelTuckerBlog.

A video posted by Kirsty (@lifewithkirsty) on
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Greenifying Spam!
(We just loved this video so much we had to take all the screen caps).

A photo posted by Tucker FanBlog (@racheltuckerblog) on

A photo posted by Tucker FanBlog (@racheltuckerblog) on

A photo posted by Tucker FanBlog (@racheltuckerblog) on

Tuesday, 24 November 2015

Inside Kara's dressing room with Rachel

At the beginning of the month shared an interview "Go Inside Kara Lindsay's Dressing room for Girl Talk with Rachel Tucker." It's a fantastic interview & our first real glimpse of Rachel & Kara's friendship off stage.

"After only three weeks in the show together, it's clear that Broadway's newest Elphaba and Glinda, Rachel Tucker and Kara Lindsay, respectively, have a bond that will last "for good." Tucker, who played the role of Elphaba for over 1,000 performances in the West End, joins Lindsay, who rose to fame in the hit Disney musical Newsies and has been playing the role of Glinda on Broadway since December.  
The two leading ladies were squealing with excitement backstage at the Gershwin Theatre after reuniting in the hallway moments before the interview. Lindsay had just taken a few personal days off from the show and arrived at the theatre directly from the airport. The two actresses were giggling, hugging and catching up while we settled into Lindsay's dressing room to talk about their journey with the show, maintaining their personal lives and who the best Fiyero kisser is."

This is such a fun interview & what makes it even better is the photoshoot that came along with it. To view the gallery on, click here.. or scroll below. We love them so much, we're just going to post them all in full, because they are beautiful. Credit goes to Monica Simoes. We're going to put a few of the interview questions in between the pictures but for the full interview please click through