Sunday, 26 November 2017

On The Road Deluxe Version goes Digital

For the past two weeks we've all been waiting 'patiently' for the Deluxe version of "On The Road" to drop on iTunes & finally today it's landed. Following Spotify, Amazon Music & Google Play who all dropped it on Wednesday 22nd Nov.

So what is so special about "On The Road Deluxe" you may be asking? Should I download this if I already brought the physical copy of "On The Road?" Rachel, Kris Rawlinson, the Band and recording crew obviously had so much fun in the recording studio & as a way of celebrating the success of their UK tour, decided to remaster some of the old tracks & record a few special new ones.

YES you should download this, or at least the extra tracks, but I am assured by Kris that there are changes and it is more than worth the purchase of the whole album. At only £6.99 on iTunes, there isn't much to ponder. So hop to it, choose your favoured option of digital
download & jam away.

One or two people were interested in my initial reactions to the album, so if that's you, read on, if not click the appropriate button to the side & download "On The Road Deluxe." Don't forget to share the links with your friends.

Here we go, first listen through of Rachel Tucker’s remastered, remixed & ‘Deluxe Edition’ of “On The Road.” Now available on iTunes, Spotify, Amazon Music & Google Play.

Monday, 13 November 2017

Theatre Cafe Q&A

Today Rachel sat down with Nicky Sweetland at The Theatre Cafe for a chat about her upcoming gig on Friday the 17th at Shoreditch Town Hall & to answer a few fan questions. You can check out the interview below.

The most exciting thing to take away from this interview is that Rachel announced that "On The Road" is finally going digital, and not only that but they are stamping it with the 'deluxe' title. Meaning that the digital or + version of On The Road will feature some very special extras & new arrangements of the previously recorded songs. Just to add that extra incentive to complete your Rachel Tucker discography.

So all those people who've been begging for On The Road to go digital can now be happy. They've sent the album to iTunes & it's a waiting game now to see when iTunes will finally share this precious treasure with the world. Once you finally get this deluxe version of On The Road, make sure to send us your initial reactions and thoughts either by email or tweet.

The Barricade Boys Christmas Cabaret

 Rachel along with a whole host of Westend stars announced as special guests for The Barricade Boys Christmas residency at The Other Studio in The Other Palace. Rachel will be joining them on 9th December 2017, 3pm.

"Ahead of their month-long residency in the Other Studio, The Barricade Boys have announced the special guests joining them for their Christmas Cabaret.

Originally created by Scott Garnham and Simon Schofield, the group also features Kieran Brown and Craig Mather and will perform hits from Les Miserables as well as power ballads and operatic arias. The show will have musical supervision from James Doughty and musical direction by Noam Galperin.
Each night they will be joined on stage by a West End star, including Michael Xavier (7 December), Nadim Naaman (8 December), Rachel Tucker (9 December, matinee), Killian Donnelly (14 December, matinee) and Laura Pitt-Pulford (21 December, matinee)." WhatsOnStage.

Saturday, 4 November 2017

Velma Celli's Westend Christmas

Rachel has been announced as a guest for "Velma Celli's Westend Christmas," cabaret along with Liam Tamne, at the pop up venue in the heart of Leicester Square, 'Christmas in Leicester Square.'

"Join the sensational Velma Celli for an alternative festive takeover with special guests Rachel Tucker and Liam Tamne direct from London's West End. A sparkling, fun and rambunctious Christmas celebration with quick wit, high camp and quirky takes on your seasonal favourites. Tis the Season to be jolly so dust off your Christmas stockings grab your companions, loved ones and Tinder dates for a festive celebration like no other."

7:30pm on 3rd December 2017

Wednesday, 25 October 2017

Rachel Tucker performs with Kristin Chenoweth - Live at the Palladium

Last Friday the twittersphere & theatreland lost the actual plot when people started tweeting about what had transpired in the middle of Kristin Chenoweth's London Palladium concert. She only went and pulled Rachel up from the audience for an unrehearsed duet of the Wicked classic "For Good." With the pair literally having their first live meeting on stage mere moments before singing together, the magic that followed was quite something else, (from what I hear).

The first sign something epic had transpired from Rachel... followed by her initial reactions (with some gorgeous pics).

"Of course, Wicked fans won't soon forget Rachel Tucker - an exceptional Elphaba both on Broadway and in the West End - joining Chenoweth on stage to duet on "For Good". These two distinctive, sincere and stirringly soulful artists meeting in song created a musical theatre moment for the ages.”                                                           Broadway World

So Twitter blew up with many people begging for video of this iconic moment. Obviously we are pretty sure filming wasn't exactly encouraged but when something so special happens it seems a crime not to capture it. Someone kindly/bravely shared an audio of the precious moment here.. but we set our best detectives to work and have managed to uncover not one but two videos of the moment. I must warn you though unfortunately they are not the high definition we've all been praying for but you know what, give me a glowing shadow over just audio any day. We can't thank our sources enough. If anyone finds a better video please get in touch.

Side View

Glowing View (Tried to zoom as much as possible, it's better at the end, but still glowing balls of Tucker and Chenoweth shaped light).

While you're here, have you booked for Rachel Tucker "Live in Shoreditch" (London), Nov 17th. Don't miss out on what is sure to be the best concert of the year by far.

Wednesday, 28 June 2017

Rachel Tucker Live @ The Theatre Cafe

The Theatre Cafe & Parallel Productions decided it'd be a fabulous idea for Rachel to do a mini set at the Cafe on Sunday of Westend Live at 6pm. Marisha Wallace was soon announced as doing a small set too & this was all very exciting but also sent (i'm sure), panic into the very soul of most of the 'hardcore' fans. Torn between wanting a good spot at Westend Live & a guaranteed spot inside at The Theatre Cafe. I am sure a few opted to go straight to the Cafe, or only do Westend Live, but know that many, such as myself did the mad dash from WEL as soon as Rachel 'finished' to get their spot. Having a back injury to deal with my dashing skills were a little lacking, but as luck would have it, although when we walked in, there was like 2 seats left & a reserved table, a group left not long after we arrived so we pounced on those seats.

The Cafe very quickly filled up and the atmosphere in there was fabulous, it turns out it's mostly quite fun being in a room of people who all love Rachel as much (you can try) as you do. I did my duty & put on a couple of songs from Rachel's album, but like I was polite and didn't do the whole album thing, because usually if you do that at the Cafe the people behind the counter break their own rule & skip the songs. So just did two, then someone yelled I had to put a certain one on so went back to do that, but not before someone had put on what i'm quite sure was almost the entire Hamilton album.

The atmosphere kept building as everyone sang along to the songs at the top of their lungs. Kris arrived early to get set up & hand deliver some new Tucker On The Road Tee's, ohh the new ones are black, whaa? This added a layer of fun as he tinkled away at the keys while we all sang our hearts out. Possibly our collective best singalongs were Take Me or Leave Me & Waving Through A Window. Funnily enough unbeknown to us as we were all giving Take Me Or Leave Me our best belts, Rachel had made a surprise guest appearance back on the Westend Live stage for a duet with Marisha. Must admit as fun as our version was I am devo'd we missed the REAL deal, but thankfully there is full video in all it's glory, which you can find in our Westend Live Blog 

After a few hours of fun waiting the cafe was bursting at the seams & as Rachel & Marisha walked in, suddenly the wait & the ever raising temperature in the cafe all seemed much more worth the wait. Only trouble was that at the last minute all those standing then decided they needed to get a better vantage point and started spreading out into the middle more. My view was no longer the perfect one i'd scouted out but now just of peoples backs, panic set in but luckily managed to squeeze on the wall bench with my friends, which meant that now I had a rather good view, just felt bad for my friends and all the others who got their first and had seats that now had no view. Side note: for future gigs in the cafe I would politely suggest that when they remove the tables & barrier off the area they arrange the seats along the front in rows, followed by the benches & then the back of the cafe should be for standing, just to help balance it out for everyone and for the performers trying to be seen too. 
After a few more singalongs, Marisha kicked things off with the Hairspray ballad "I Know Where I've Been" inviting us all to sing along if we knew it, oh it was stunning, this young lady has PIPES!!!!! Then she slowed it down a bit for a gorgeous and heart felt 'My Funny Valentine" (correct me please if i'm wrong).

Then we had a slight break before Rachel coming out for her set. She stood on a chair to help those further back see her, which was much appreciated by many i'm sure. I could go on and swoon about how fabulous this set was but you guys are lucky because just as they promised, they Facebook Lived the whole set. So go forth, get comfy and enjoy reliving or watching for the first time this fabulous wee gig at The Theatre Cafe.

Now in case anyone else is like me & loves to have lots of angles, I did do some filming in the cafe for you all. Luckily my friend had brought her camera along but as her view was pretty much non existent, I stole her camera for you guys & she had kindly uploaded the footage for you all to enjoy. Here's the playlist below, with all 6 songs. Thanks so much @AlwaysBeenGreen. 

By the end of the gig the room was absolutely bursting with excitement, Rachel, Kris & Dan Giles gave that room one hell of a set & set the room on fire (it was a furnace)! Bloody brilliant afternoon spent at The Theatre Cafe. So many thanks to all who made it happen.

Heres a few pictures from @CarrieRose_  on Twitter.

Monday, 26 June 2017

Westend Live 2017

So many of you have been in mourning since the end of Rachel's first UK Solo Tour, but we came out of mourning yesterday for a Triple Tucker day. FYI, still trying to compile thoughts about the tour, so if you have any photos, reviews, memories you'd like to add to that massive round up please email to

The Westend Live crowds were treated to an incredible performance of 'Goodbye Yellow Brick Road' & 'Castle On The Hill' from Rachel on Sunday. I won't blabber on about how good it was, let's just share some videos & photos & you can see for yourself how smashing it was.

NB: I will update with better/official videos if & when they become available, so keep checking back or tweet me any links you find, but for now..

Goodbye Yellow Brick Road & Castle On The Hill

Surprise Duet with Marisha Wallace - Take Me Or Leave Me.... 

(Rachel comes on at 10mins, but the whole video is SMASHING, so watch it all & be blown away)

Now let the photo spam commence.. If you aren't happy with me linking to your images/twitter, just send a tweet. Embed so that full credit is given really. Or if you have photos you'd like to contribute, send them to me & can update.

Broadway World have added a few photos from Phillip Cowndley. Click through for a few more

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Update: Just been sent some stunning photos from ElleSober on Twitter.

Update: @AlwaysBeenGreen has just sent some photos to share too.

How amazing was Westend Live? You could tell Rachel was just in her element up there, it was quite an incredible thing to witness. Just wish i'd known about the Surprise duet so I didn't run to the Theatre cafe with most of the other fans to get our place for that gig. Geez she keeps us on our toes, doesn't she?

Monday, 27 March 2017

Limited Edition "On The Road" Album

After four sell out gigs at Live At Zedel last week, Rachel & @Kris Rawlinson announced on the Parallel Productions Facebook Live earlier today that they are currently in the studio with @VoiceBoxProductions to record a 'LIMITED EDITION' "On The Road" album. This album is currently available for Pre-order on the Parallel Productions website & there will only be 250 copies online to order, which will come signed & numbered.

Any one who misses out online can buy a physical copy at their nearest tour venue. We must stress this is a limited release, so once all copies of the album are gone on tour, that's it, you will have missed out! So don't delay, pre-order now or bring that extra cash along to the tour.

You can watch the announcement from Facebook Live below.

I haven't had a chance yet to collect my thoughts about the Gigs, but you can expect that hopefully some time this week, just wanted to get this news out to you guys as soon as possible. Also will be sharing all the fabulous reviews from the gigs, in a post very shortly.

Tuesday, 28 February 2017

Taking the Tour to Feinstein's 54 Below & extra show added for Belfast

Earlier today Rachel & her Musical Director Kris Rawlinson of Parallel Productions took to Facebook Live for an impromptu chat & cheeky announcement ....

They announced that Rachel Tucker will be taking her tour to New York for her solo debut at the highly acclaimed Feinstein's 54 Below in September for a 3 night run, Wednesday 27th, Friday 29th & Saturday 30th September at 7pm.

So for all the fans who've been dying for a solo show from Rachel over the pond, your prayers have been answered, and you've got time to plan that trip/save up for it. So get planning/booking as soon as possible.


Also while we're talking about adding shows to Rachel's solo tour. It was also announced today that due to the high demand for tickets in Belfast, the Belfast MAC have added an extra show on Sunday 14th May @ 5pm, so for all those in Ireland hoping to catch Rachel get booking ASAP, she's sure to sell out in no time.

Tea with Wilma!

In the weekend Westend Wilma teased that he was off to spend the day getting a sneak peak behind the scenes at rehearsals for Rachel's upcoming Live at Zedel gigs & that he'd be sharing some special interviews and bits and bobs with us soon.

Yesterday we were treated to the "Knowing Me, Knowing You" round of questions with Rachel.

 Then today we got the full length interview with snippets of Rachel rehearsing 'I'll Cover You.'

Stay posted to @Westend Wilma on Twitter, the official website & subscribe to the Youtube Channel as there is supposed to be 4 videos from their day together in rehearsals. So we've only seen half for now. Can't wait to see what else we've got to come.