Sunday, 1 November 2015

Wicked Day Picspam

It's been an exciting week for Wicked with Wicked on Broadway celebrating it's 5000th show earlier in the week & then of course Wicked on Broadway's 12th birthday on the 30th Oct & extended Wicked day fun, with it spilling over into Halloween, I mean why not?

Yesterday we were treated to some epic sneak peaks behind the scenes at Wicked on Broadway, thanks to the twitter take over's on @Wicked_Musical's twitter feed.

The day started like any other in twitter land then quickly exploded into a fun filled & very ‘Wicked’ pic & video spam kinda day, but not the bad spam, the BEST spam! Firstly @WickedUK kicked off the proceedings with a Wicked Day message from THE green girl herself .. Rachel Tucker.

We then headed over to @Wicked_Musical for all the fun & antics from backstage at The Gershwin, thanks to the twitter take over of @EmBKoch (Emily Koch - Broadway’s Standby Elphaba) & @RobinOfJesus (Robin De Jesus - Current Broadway Boq). We’ll share all the Rachel related media below but to see ALL the fun please head over to @Wicked_Musical’s twitter page & scroll through, we highly recommend it, to familiarise yourself with the Broadway cast & the Gershwin. Firstly Emily took us into Rachel’s dressing room as she was greenifying & warming up those precious vocal chords of her’s.

Then this gem was given to us..
This one isn’t Rachel focused, but if you look closely you can catch a teeny glimpse of our girl, plus it’s just interesting to know what a dance captain might get up to on your average day backstage.
Interval snap of Rachel & her Broadway Glinda, Kara Lindsay.
The image on this one was a little dark, so we took the liberty of brightening it for you.. 

Then Emily reminded us of how we usually look after witnessing the pure magic that is Rachel Tucker’s Defying Gravity..
Next rachel gave us a preview of her Halloween costume & I think this picture wins the award for best of the day, definitely brought a smile to our diles.
Next up, if Elphie was dating a skeleton, this is what their night in might possibly look like.
Another great reaction shot from Emily, joined by Catherine Charlebois (Nessa), showing us once again how stunning we all can look after the fierceness that is a knock out performance of one of the big numbers in Wicked, this time No Good Deed was the culprit that induced these gorgeous faces.
Ever wondered what curtain call looks like from the wings? Well wonder no more thanks to this quick video.

In between shows it looks like Rachel, Benjamin & Guy had lot’s of fun in the spirit of Halloween with a few lucky children.
After the matinee Emily & Robin handed over the reigns to current Fiyero Jonah Platt to continue taking us on this behind the scenes journey. We love this shot of the Gershwin theatre from the stage. Showing us a glint of what Rachel & the cast look out over every night, now image it chockablock full of excited audience members (and the odd phone ranger, who you should all be giving the death glare too).
Let us just say here right now that we LOVE Jonah for this..

To end the day Rachel shared a few awesome Elphie snaps (stay tuned for some photoshop action on one or two of these later) & dressing room antics.
I said there'd be photoshop action, and here is the result of a couple hours playing in Photoshop with the first image from Rachel's tweet. Hope you guys like it. I also posted a wallpaper version over on Twitter if you'd like that.

What’s left to say except we hope you all had an incredible Wicked Day & a fabulous Halloween. Here's to 12 more years of Wicked on Broadway & around the world.

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