Monday, 19 October 2015

Out Of Oz - Studio Sessions..

So a few weeks back, on 25th Sept to be exact, Rachel teased on Twitter about being in the recording studio with her Broadway Glinda, Kara Kindsay....

Following that about 3 weeks back @AaronTveit posted on his Instagram a few shots that appeared to be from the same session recordings..

Then @Wicked_Musical joined in with a tease using the following gorgeous picture, I believe on their Facebook page, with the hashtag #OutOfOz and the date.. 19th Oct. They later deleted/removed their post/tweet but not before many of the fans/accounts had already seen it & shared it round.. thank you @TheFellowOzians for this shot.
and then just a few days ago (it not have been a few days, i'm battling jetlag & 3 different timezones at the moment) @AaronTveit tweeted 

 To which Rachel responded with a picture of the pair of them in studio as well. And so the plot thickened! With many of twitter & over on Tumblr trying to work out what the significance of the hashtag #OutOfOz could mean & if it had anything to do with a possible sequel sound track or something else.

Then of course @Wicked_Musical was at it again with teasing us this morning.. with this picture & a link to a teaser video from @AaronTveit.

Which was followed up  Aaron tweeting his websites twitter account to stay tuned for 4pm NY time today? With a link to the teaser video as well. ( I believe NY is 5 hours behind the UK, so 9pm ish, if my math is correct).

Found a link to the teaser trailer on Trendonizer with this quote about the project:
"On October 19 at 4PM EST, watch the first video in our exciting new series 'Out Of Oz: Wicked Studio Sessions, where favourite Wicked alumni and current performers sing re-imagined versions of Wicked songs."
Then of course after that, we noticed that actually there is a sneaky leak out there, which i'm not sure was supposed to be tweeted yet, but Buzzfeed was quick to jump on it & Rachel is involved in this video and i'm sure it's immense (though my internet on holiday in NZ is not letting me watch). 
They posted this Gif from the video in their article.

UPDATE: @Wicked_Musical has just tweeted the official link & here is the beautiful rendition of Defying Gravity by Rachel Tucker & Aaron Tveit in all it's glory...

So basically this is all to exciting & we've been being slowly teased about it for weeks but it seems the day has finally arrived when all is revealed.. 

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