Wednesday, 7 October 2015

Theatre Mania Chats to Rachel & More..

 TheatreMania caught up with Rachel recently to chat about opening as Elphaba on Broadway, how she fell in love with the show & much more..

To read the rest of this interview & find out what Rachel had to say about working with shipmate Fred Applegate again, her first experience watching Wicked & what Ben's nickname for Rachel as Elphaba is, please click through to check it out.. not to be missed on

In other news.. last week released an exclusive artwork by Justin 'Squigs' Robertson depicting our very own Rachel Tucker as the Green girl on Broadway with co stars Kara Lindsay, Fred Applegate & Michele Lee. 'Squigs' does many an illustration for & it is considered quite the honour to be worthy of one of his pieces of art.. as the Belfast Telegraph states
"You know you've made it on Broadway when Justin 'Squigs' Robertson sketches you!"

So I must say we are quite chuffed to see Rachel starring in her second 'Squigs' masterpiece. In case you missed it, she was previously penned by him last year whilst starring as Meg Dawson in The Last Ship on Broadway... check it out here.

 © Justin "Squigs" Robertson

Rachel has now completed her 3rd week as Elphaba on Broadway & by all accounts she's a smash. We've been reading many comments from fans of the show who've seen her since she retook the broom & they all have glowing reviews of our girl. We're hoping to get some fan reviews/stories on the blog, so if you've seen Rachel recently or are planning to, do let us know your thoughts about the show & how she's doing over there. We love to read what everyone is thinking about Rachel, specially when we can't get there, just yet. So drop us a comment, send us a tweet or DM or flick us an email to tell us all.

Quick reminder.. voting closes for @WilmaAwards on 8th October so you have a little over 24 hours, give or take a few to vote for Rachel in "Best Solo Cabaret of 2015" for her concert at St James Theatre on 19th April 2015. If you were there i'm sure you would agree it really can't be beat when it comes to solo show of the year.

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