Wednesday, 19 August 2015

Exclusive interview with Rachel Tucker

Recently we had the great honour & privilege of having a chat with Rachel at The Bridgehouse theatre in Penge, about her upcoming return to playing the green girl, but this time in Wicked on Broadway.

 We asked all the questions we thought you'd want to know & maybe a few extras. This was our first time interviewing someone, let alone a Westend & Broadway star, so go easy on us!

We can not thank Rachel enough for giving up her precious time to chat with us, it means a lot that she is so generous to her 'fans' & wanted to take time to do this for us. Thank you from the bottom of ours hearts Rachel, you truly are one of a kind & it was a pleasure to chat with you & share a tiny moment of what is such an exciting time. We are so proud of you, you are living the dream & it's so inspiring to watch!

So without further ado.. one ridiculously long (24 mins to be exact) but hopefully informative interview with Broadway's next Elphaba: Rachel Tucker....

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