Thursday, 12 March 2015

Songs in the Quay of Life @ 54 Below

On March 2nd Rachel appeared with her fellow Last Ship mates to perform at "Songs in the Quay of Life," an evening of seafaring songs to benefit Wallsend Boys Club. When the concert was originally announced Rachel wasn't on the bill but the week before the gig, she tweeted to confirm that things had changed and she was going to be able to make it, so off she flew to join the crew.

From what we've seen so far it looks like it was an incredible evening, filled with talent & beautiful music. We've been paying close attention waiting for videos, and although some were up very quickly, we were waiting for a fellow fan to send a few cheeky snaps, for official photography & official video to be released before giving you guys a mega run down of all things "Songs in the Quay of Life."

A gorgeously haunting arrangement of Fields of Gold from the company of The Last Ship, including Rachel. The cast sung this song after their final show on Broadway for the last 'Saturday Night Shout' so I dare say it has special meaning for them all & they really do sing it with such heart, it's just gorgeous.

Another stunning song 'Elysium' written by Dawn Cantwell. Performed by the ladies of The Last Ship, lead by the incredible Shawna Hamic with Alyssa DiPalma, Rachel Tucker & Dawn Cantwell.
There is another video with slightly different angle here.

Different Angle here

To watch the full playlist of the whole show of "Songs in the Quay of Life" click through from the video below. Massive thanks to FamousInNY for the amazing videos (and thanks to Fred Berthelot for his videos too).

We've also been sent some snippets from Jennifer Greenfield too, on the off chance the show wasn't being filmed, we had to have a minion on hand to do our bidding & can't thank her enough for all her help & updates about the gig. So thank you lovely. Check out some of her photos below too.

Official Images from Getty's

Jennifer's Images....

MaryFlynn on Tumblr has put up audio files to stream of Shiver Me Timbers & Practical Arrangements  & she's also shared some pictures on her Tumblr as well.

We also saw this lovely shot from Liza Horan on Twitter.

Also while we have you here, can we remind you about Rachel's upcoming gig "Back From Broadway" at the St James Theatre... and in case you missed this piece of news, Rachel's added a matinee, so anyone who was concerned about not making it home from an evening show, now has the chance they needed, so getting booking people, it's a show not to be missed.

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