Friday, 27 February 2015

Rachel Tucker On Stage Door

You've all been waiting for it & now it's here, Rachel Tucker's Stage Door episode.

Earlier this year we were treated to the first three of hopefully many of these radio shows from Stage Door. Starting with Richard Fleeshman, Louise Dearman & Killian Donnelly, whom were closely followed by Alistair Brammer. These are the stagiest radio shows you'll find anywhere & are perfect listening for all you stagey folk out there.

Listen below to Rachel's first show & get following Stage Door on Mixcloud & telling all your friends about the best Musical Theatre radio show you'll find on the air waves anywhere.

We're only a few minutes into Rachel's show so far, as we had to come & tell you all about it straight away, but boy is it fantastic. Rachel's got a voice like chocolate, you just cant get enough & all these stories from her career, fantastic, already laughed out loud a few times. Almost at the part of the show where Rachel interviews Westend Producer.. for anyone who listened to Louise's show, you'll know this will be a barrel of laughs! Bring it on!

Want to know more about Stage Door & whose behind it? Click back to our previous write up about Stage Door here.

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