Wednesday, 25 February 2015

Rachel Tucker: Back From Broadway - St James Theatre

We've got very exciting news to share today. The St James Theatre are welcoming Rachel back with open arms in April 2015.

Rachel is going to be putting on an all new live solo show, after her wonderful success on Broadway.
We've all been asking for it & now it's happening. Rachel Tucker: Back from Broadway at the St James Theatre. Tickets are on sale NOW on their website & by phone. FYI we crashed the website with excitement for tickets last time, so if you have trouble, call them or literally run to the box office.

Rachel Tucker: Back From Broadway
St James Theatre
Sunday 19th April @ 7pm
Tickets range from 25-35.

So if you haven't already gone to the St James website to snap up your ticket, we are not really sure what you are waiting for. Trust us when we tell you this is a show you will NOT want to miss. We are still reeling from the sell out show in October 2013 (Pictures below).

Photo Credit - Amanda Kappely

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Matt Williams said...

I'm so excited! Amanda and I have got our tickets! Who else is going??