Monday, 5 January 2015

The Last Ship - Cast Recording - Out Now

In case you've been too busy with Christmas & New Year, we thought we'd remind you that The Last Ship: Original Broadway Cast Recording is available NOW.. You need to get your hands on a copy as soon as possible, lock yourself away in a quiet room & blast it out of the best speakers you can find.

It is the best purchase we made over the Christmas Season & has been keeping us thoroughly entertained all through the holidays. We simply can not stop listening.. and we aren't being bias & only listening to Rachel either.. No the entire album is made up of astonishing vocal performances & incredibly beautiful music that gets stuck in your head. We garantee you'll be waking up with a different song from this album in your head every day of the week & you will not be complaining either, because it is all simply gorgeous.. What are you waiting for? Go buy it now...

-- Reviews --

Check out THIS fabulous 'Gif Out' from Broadway Box.. it pretty much sums up our thoughts on the album as well, with handy little animated Gifs, showing their reactions to each song on the album.

Cast Album Review @ Blogspot enjoys the album as well & gave it a glowing review, with a few lovely words about Rachel being a stand out.. of course.

The iTunes reviews are so far 5 star & i'd suggest if you've already had a listen you go & add your opinion on the album too.

David Clarke of Broadway World Has a lot of praise for the cast recording & even more praise for Rachel.

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