Tuesday, 23 December 2014

Wall Street Journal + with Rachel Tucker & Sting

On Dec 18th 2014, Sting & Rachel Tucker paid a visit to the Wall Street Journal Cafe, to give WSJ+ members an exclusive performance & chat about all things "The Last Ship." We've come across a few snippets of the interview & if we find the performances we'll let you know.

 "Sting on his Musical 'The Last Ship.'" (WallStreetJournal)

"Rachel Tucker on Working with Sting." (WallStreetJournal)

"Paul Simon Warned Me About Broadway." (WallStreetJournal)

 "Why Stings Parents Haunt Is Broadway Musical." (WallStreetJournal)
UPDATE** Performance video's have been added to the WallStreetJournal website with Sting & Rachel Tucker....
"One of the stars of “The Last Ship,” Rachel Tucker, joined him [Sting!] to talk about losing a televised talent search but winning a Broadway role, playing opposite Sting each night, and the difference between the West End and Broadway.

The pair began the interview by singing two songs from the show. Tucker sang her opening number, “August Winds,” accompanied by Sting on guitar, and then he sang “The Night the Pugilist Learned How to Dance.” "     WallStreetJournal
Sting performs "The Night the Pugilist Learned How To Dance."

Rachel Tucker performs "August Winds" with Sting.

While we have you here we'd like to to draw your attention to a video that Jen Greenfield pointed us to last week. 'Dress Up with George B. Style: Aaron Lazar.' The video follows Aaron on the official opening of 'The Last Ship' choosing out his outfit & at around 3mins 45secs they head to the red carpet & chat to a few people, including Rachel Tucker at 5mins talking about her gorgeous diamonds & THAT dress. We did try to embed the video, but we couldn't stop it from autoplaying, so please click through with the highlighted link.

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