Thursday, 4 December 2014

Radio Interview with Sting... featuring Rachel

So it seems we missed this last week, but thanks to a fan on twitter, we've finally seen it. It was posted on on the 25th of Nov 2014..

An audio interview from The Leonard Lopate show, with Sting, joined by Fred Applegate & Rachel Tucker. The interview starts with a lovely clip from the show sung by Rachel before delving into some interesting questions to Sting, Fred & Rachel. Give it a listen below guys.
"16 Grammy winner Sting tells us about his debut as a Broadway composer in "The Last Ship" a new musical inspired by his own childhood. In a close-knit English seafaring town, life revolves around the local shipyard. But Gideon Fletcher dreams of a different future, and sets out to travel the world. He returns home years later, only to find the shipyard's future in grave danger.Fred Applegate and Rachel Tucker, who star in the show, join us in the studio. The Last Ship is playing at the Neil Simon Theater."                                                                                                        

Now then we couldn't very well do an update with out a picture of Rachel now could we? How's about we share THAT picture which had us all very jealous of Rachel, you know the one we're talking about.. you know from that time when she met Meryl Streep... *jaw on floor*

(This last one's a little grainy, but click here for bigger but watermarked image..)
"Ahoy, Meryl! Three-time Oscar winner Meryl Streep boarded The Last Ship at the Neil Simon Theatre with Sting and his crew on November 25, 2014."                                                                                                           Photographer: Bruce Glikas ©
We are ever so curious to know how Rachel reacted & frankly we want to know what Meryl thought of the show?

Also just in case you've missed it in the news lately.... STING is officially joining the cast of The Last Ship for a strictly limited run from Dec 9th - January 10th 2015,
Thought we'd share this video from CNN reporting on the news, as it feature's lots of the great clips from The Last Ship, with Rachel.. I mean Rachel on CNN.. we kinda feel like that's a big deal..

Also check out the teaser trailer  for Stings appearance in the show, below.. doesn't feature Rachel, but the fact of the matter is, Rachel is now going to be properly sharing the stage with STING... we assume she's just as excited about that as we are.

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