Thursday, 13 November 2014

Fan Review - The Last Ship - Jennifer Greenfield

It's that time again.. this time we draw your attention to a wonderful review of the show from Jennifer Greenfield. Thanks so much for taking the time to write this for us Jen, it's a fabulous review & makes us want to get over to see it, even more.
The Last Ship Review - By Jennifer Greenfield

        I feel very privileged having seen The Last Ship four times.  I saw the show on its first ever public performance in Chicago twice and then twice on Broadway including the official opening night.   The Last Ship is something very different than the typical Broadway musical.  The show incorporates contemplation/meditation on varying themes from love, loss and regret, to forgiveness, redemption and the changing and mending of relationships.  Sting has created a musical masterpiece. The melodies and harmonies are so lush and vibrant.  I had goose bumps during some of the exquisite harmonies in the music. The story is both uplifting and at times, heartbreaking. The acting in this show is stupendous. These performers leave it all on the stage as they give so much energy and emotion into their roles. The show is really a work of art from beginning to end. Beautiful and raw chemistry between the two leads Michael Esper and Rachel Tucker. They light up the stage. The set, lighting, direction and fun choreography add even more nuance to the show. Hope this ship sails on for a very long Broadway voyage.

The show takes us on a journey through a sea of emotions intricately woven together through three different plot lines.  We have the love story/triangle between Gideon, Arthur and Meg, the story of the shipyard workers building their last ship and lastly the story of family relations focusing specifically on fathers and sons.  I was moved to tears through all three stories. 

The set is just gorgeous, the lighting is spectacular, both moody and gritty which adds great ambiance and realism to the story and emotions being experienced by each character in the show.

The performance by Rachel Tucker playing Meg Dawson is a stand out performance one of which in my opinion, should be recognised come award season time.  Rachel infuses her character of Meg with vitality, passion, and toughness with heart.  She makes the audience feel empathy for Meg and root for the best possible outcome.  Rachel breaths life into a woman who has known heartache and struggle, while infusing her with vulnerability and love.  Sitting third row from the stage I was able to watch Rachel’s eyes tearing up with tears running down her face during some of her scenes.  If that is not committing to a performance and giving your all then I don’t know what is.  I was completely impressed.  Rachel has an incredible ability to emote which emits from the stage into the audience while tugging at your heart stings.  She really emotionally connects with her audience. She creates an audience performer rapport while taking the audience on an emotional journey.  Her stage presence is undeniable.  When she is on stage your eyes go to her. She has a commanding stage presence.  The singing is spot on and amazing. This girl can belt! 

I highly recommend this show.  Besides the exquisite music, I think the story has so many themes and emotions running through it that audiences will resonate with a few of the themes of this multi-layered show. "

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