Thursday, 13 November 2014

Stage Door - On Demand Musical Theatre Radio Station

So why are we telling you that you need to put this in the diary? Not only is this going to be fantastic anyways & all fans of Musical Theatre should know about it, but because Rachel is going to be one of the presenters for this 'On-Demand' Radio Channel.

So the brains behind bringing this 'On-Demand' station to life are 'production company Wise Buddah and management company Mothership Management.' They set out initially to create a 24/7 radio channel dedicated solely to Musical Theatre…

"Stemming from a conversation between Wise Buddah’s head of content Simon Willis and Rebecca Sichel-Coates, founder of Mothership Management, the pair realised that despite around 14million people attending a West End show last year alone, musical theatre is almost entirely ignored on the radio. They both realised their business ventures and contacts within the realm of musical theatre they could do something to redress the lack… and Stage Door was born!"                           InTheCheapSeats.Co.UK - June 2013

"We're creating Stage Door to bridge the gap between listening to a CD and seeing a show," Simon Willis, of Wise Buddah, told The Stage."It'll offer great songs from the best shows and be presented by the leading men and women of the West End."                                                           BBC News - June 2013
They launched a IndieGoGo page in June last year with the hopes that the Musical Theatre community & beyond would realise how genius their vision was & get on board to help raise the estimated funds required to pull off their first year of programming. There were fabulous perks & rewards up for grabs, but the the campaign failed at that time to reach the pockets it needed to launch with it's original concept. With the companies behind the idea vowing to still make this dream & reality, they went back to plan B to work out how they could still bring this to life... 

"However, Wise Buddah head of content Simon Willis said: “We’ve not hit the target for our Indiegogo campaign but that doesn’t make us feel the idea is any less credible and we remain committed to launching Stage Door. Throughout the process we’ve managed to connect with thousands of people who, like us, believe Stage Door is an amazing idea that needs to be on the air. Crowdfunding an idea like this was always going to be bold and ambitious, but we want to make a musical theatre radio station for fans of the genre, not for shareholders just wanting to make loads of money.”He revealed that there is a “plan B” that should enable the station’s launch, with details to be announced shortly."                                                            The Stage - August 2013
Watch the original launch trailer from June 2013 below.

Now just over a year on it's finally getting on it's feet & hitting the ground running for the airwaves. Over the past week through their Twitter & Facebook pages they've been revealing the exciting line up of presenters they've already got on board, starting of course with  & we frankly couldn't be any more excited with the line up if we tried. Check out them out below.

With the likes of Rachel Tucker, Louise Dearman, Richard Fleeshman, Alistair Brammer, Lauren Samuels, Zoe Tyler, Alex Gaumond, Hadley Fraser, Killian Donnelly & Stephen Ashfield this is sure to be an incredible boost to the musical theatre community. 

According to their MixCloud page, which is where you'll be able to listen to the station (as well as on their Facebook tab) Stage Door is ...
"Stage Door is a brand new shiny on-demand radio service. Here you'll find programmes featuring the biggest songs, from the best shows, all presented by your favourite musical theatre stars."
"The presenters will play tracks from shows they have appeared in, and talk about their experiences working in musicals. Stage Door will launch on January 12, 2015"                                                                                                                          The Stage - Nov 2014
Be sure to follow Stage Door on their Twitter & Facebook pages as well as hitting the follow button on MixCloud to make sure that you don't miss a beat, from what is sure to become your new favourite radio channel fulfilling all your 'Stagey' needs.

They've released a audio trailer of sorts with a small taste of what's to come from their radio channel & it's definitely caught our attention, specially with an interesting bit from Rachel in there. Take a listen below & lock that date in your diaries.

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