Tuesday, 21 June 2011

Rachel at West End Live '11!

I was lucky enough to be at West End Live on Saturday. It was a brilliant day, filled to the brim with incredible talent, great entertainment and the strangest weather conditions I think I have ever witnessed!
Still, in a day of absolutely wonderful performances, Rachel's faultless and rifftastic 'Defying Gravity' definitely stood out.
I was near the front with my friend Gavin who managed to get these great pictures with his fancy pants camera and I thought you may all like to see!

Congratulations Rachel on another fantastic performance!


Andy said...

Thanks Rosie, awesome pics!

Dan said...

FANTASTIC pictures :) especially the last one!
andy are you on facebook, i have a few on there that i managed to take with my iphone whilst simultaneously filming with my camera = i know...impressive! :)

Andy said...

I agree Dan, that last picture is incredible.

I haven't actually got a Facebook account, I never used it so I closed it a while back.

If you can attach the pics to an email I'd be happy to ad them to the blog.

Stephanie said...

Wonderful pics!!!