Monday, 20 June 2011

West End Live

Two of our regular readers - Dan and Georgia - were lucky enough to be at West End Live on Saturday and see Rachel perform a stunning rendition of Defying Gravity.

As usual Dan managed to get there early and grab a place near the front to record the excellent video below. Amazing, thanks Dan!

Thanks also to Georgia for the picture at the top of the post and mini review below.

"What a day weather wise, we went from being burnt, to drenched and even hailed on! But all in all the event was fabulous as ever, hitting the 10000 mark for attendance and the new venue was brilliant!

Of course Rachel was there as ever, and we were treated to Defying Gravity - the first time i'd seen Rachel do this live. It was AMAZING! Everyone around us was screaming and cheering and consistently all people talked about all day was Wicked, and in particular Rachel. Her dress was amazing, her voice was amazing, well made up for the rain!"

Finally, thanks to CampMotha for sending us the link to this excellent interview with a stunning looking Rachel sheltering from the rain in Trafalgar Square.

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Dan said...

this video is AMAZING!