Saturday, 26 February 2011

Thankyou From Rachel


Dan said...

ahh that was lovely! :)
thanks Rachel!

I had a dream actually last night... went to see wicked and Rachel had a sore throat so couldnt sing past wizard and I so they said everyone could come backstage and I had a nice little chat with her lol

Joyce said...

aww she's so sweet!!

i actually cant believe i forgot to congratulate her when i saw her at SD today.. oops think i was too star-struck, so i'll just say it here. congratulations rachel!!

btw she brought barney today as well. he's adorableee :)

David said...

Awwww lovely Rachel! :D

Project Journal said...

This was very cool!!

And my BIG news....guess who's going back to Londond!?!?!!? And will get to see Wicked twice probably!!! *grinning like a fool* Sooooooo excited!!

Andy said...

That's fantastic news Hannah, I'm so pleased for you.

I've heard very good things about the new Fiyero too, so you might find the show even more amazing then before.

Laura said...

woopwoop!! voted about 40 times in total! i was like 'well she'd better win now..' she looks gorgeous in the video tooooo :D xxx