Wednesday, 23 February 2011

Acceptance Speech Video

I didn't want any of you to miss Rachel's WOS 'Best Takeover in a Role' award acceptance speech, so I thought I'd create a new post for the video.

Thanks to Rosie for sending me the link.

It starts with Mark and Rachel accepting Wickeds 'Best West End Show' award and is followed immediately by her solo speech.

As Dan says in his comment, it's a very moving speech and typifies why we love Rachel so much. Have a tissue ready. Enjoy!



Rachel has already won the 'Best Takeover in a Role' award but now we want her to win 'Best Acceptance Speech' too. The link below will take you to the WOS website where you can see all the winners acceptance speeches from this years show, below the videos is a poll where you can vote for your favourite, you know what to do.



Rachel also met up with an old friend from her 'I'd Do Anything' adventure while at the WOS awards, Miss Samantha Barks.

I was throwing things at the TV when ALW chose to save Sam over Rachel in the I'd Do Anything' semi final but Rachel ended up exactly where she deserves to be, playing her dream role in the West Ends #1 show.

The cute picture above is of Rachel and her good friend Mark Dugdale celebrating the occasion.

The picture below shows 2 of my favourite west end leading ladies enjoying the after show party, Rachel - of course - and Miss Elle Woods, Sheridan Smith.

Thanks to Rachel for uploading these great pictures to her Twitter page.


Dan said...

oh my god, that was so moving to hear that :)
Congratulotions Rachel you truly are an inspiration to follow your dreams!
If broadway know what's good for them they'll get you over there to play in New York so you can fulfil your BIG dream! :)

Laura said...

aaw bless her! i loved how she was like 'what?' when they stopped her going off stage. what a beautiful speech! she's just so humble even after her massive rise to stardom! love you rachel! xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

David said...

One of Rachel's greatest attributes (and needless to say she has many) is how she hasn't allowed her hugely deserved success to change her in any way. That acceptance speech was every bit as moving as her IDA exit interview (which inadvertently started this blog). She is an inspirational example of success through sheer talent, hard work and modesty and it's so so easy to see why she has so many devoted fans and always will. Just brilliant Rachel.

Anonymous said...

When you hear Rachel speak, you get a sense of her soul. Beautiful, just beautiful!

Her spirit is exactly why she has been blessed...and not winning IDA was part of that blessing. It had to happen because of her promise to her family in NYC after seeing Wicked.

I just adore her.

PLUS, she's winning again...34% of best acceptance speech poll!
Love you, Rachel!!!
(you'll be returning to Broadway soon!)

Christine said...

The anonymous post above is from me! I got so excited typing it, I forgot to sign it! :)

David said...

Christine -- it's 36% now! Haha love it!

CampMotha said...

That was so moving, thanks so much for posting it, i couldn't find it! Did you see the pic Rachel posted on her twitter? It was cute!

Love Rachel, she is just too awesome!

Rosie said...

I was so happy when i finally found this video having been looking for it since sunday! Beautiful speech, incredibly moving and inspiring story and again sums up just how well deserved this award was. Yay!

Saw Rachel (and little Barney - adorable!) last night and was touched by just how much she really does appreciate this award and how grateful she was for it so again a big old thank you to everyone who made that happen for her :)

Andy said...

Rosie - Did Rachel take Barney to the show last night or did you bump into them somewhere else?

Rosie said...

Andy - He was with her for the day i think...I was in the area with some friends for dinner and saw her coming out of stage door on my way home so wandered over to say hello and congratulations (and also wanted to check if she has any other days off soon) after everyone had gone and she was like "Rosie you need to meet Barney!" and there he was in his little carry-case..cutest dog in the world (just dont tell my dog i said that) i had a little cuddle with Barney! Apparently he'd been playing with Louise's dog Alan all day whilst the shows had been going on!

Andy said...

Rosie - Sounds like you planned that meal perfectly. Not much chance of me bumping into Rachel after a meal in Bristol, living in London definitely has it's advantages.

I didn't realise she sometimes takes Barney to the show, hopefully I'll get lucky and see him sometime. Would love to meet the little fella.

Rosie said...

Haha I know! Well the meal was in central, near Leicester Square.. but I'm a massive geek for London at night (its just so pretty) and I didnt fancy paying for the tube and loveee the walk towards Victoria from Trafalgar Square so had a nice leisurely stroll down past Westminster Abbey etc and got to Victoria just in time to see Rachel coming out of the stage door! So yes, it was really nice to see her and a massive bonus to see little Barney too! He's pretty tiny as well so I was carrying him around for a little bit as he licked my face and hair! (Sorry everyone, I'm aware this has turned into an appreciation page for Barney Tucker!)

Christine said...

Great story Rosie! Barney Tucker with his mommy stopping for a chat and puppy kisses! Can't get any better. Once again, the stories of how sweet Rachel is just keep coming.

Dan said...

ahh you mentioned my comment! :)
does this mean i win the award for best comment for best acceptance speech for best takeover role? haha

I actually got quite choked up hearing it :D

Dan said...

look at this that the wicked london facebook page posted.

it was lovely hearing the Dancing on Ice people saying such nice things about Rachel, but WTF, they cut her off and let everyone ELSE speak!!!!


Andy said...

Yeah I spotted that Dan. I would have posted a link to that video but as they cut her off I didn't bother.

Laura said...

just watched the wicked exclusive video - can't believe they cut her off! especially as the whole video is kinda about her on dancing on ice (lost count of how many times i've watched that!) aah well we still got Louise who's fab too :) in her acceptance speech i'm sure she meant 'anecdote' not 'antedote'. don't get me wrong she's perfect in every way and you can hardly expect her to be word perfect when she's clearly so elated! she's truly an inspiration to us all :D xxxxxxxxx

EmilyR said...

Speaking of dogs, Last night I was meeting a friend in Victoria for dinner just before 6. I arrived a little early and of course wandered past Wicked, but it looked like there had been a matinee so I knew that most of the cast, including Rachel, would have probably stayed inside so I didnt expect to see anyone.

However as I wandered up past the doors of the theatre, I did the biggest double take - Louise Dearman was just standing outside, and holding the cutest little Daschund! I wasnt 100% sure if it was her, (looks different un-Glinda-fied, but still lovely of course :)) and anyway, turned around to try and see if it was her. Then, as if by magic, a private hire car turned up with 'Louise Dearman' on a sign in the window.

After she drove off I kicked myself for not saying hi, but she looked quite engrossed in her phone. Anyway, it may not be as great as Rosie chatting with Rachel (which I am v jealouse of) but it was still quite cool, Louise is brilliant :)