Tuesday, 1 March 2011

Wicked Press Night Pics

On the 17th February Wicked held a special press night to welcome new cast members - Mark Evans as Fiyero, Zoe Rainey as Nessarose and Ben Stott as Boq - to the West Ends #1 show.

Amanda very kindly emailed us a link to this wonderful collection of pictures featuring a very glamorous - and sometimes, cheeky - Rachel with the new cast, her good friend Gerard McCarthy and of course the executive producer of Wicked Michael McCabe.


Stephanie said...

Wonderful pics Andy!!! Love them all!


David said...

Wow! Excellent pics!

Dan said...

i love how her and Lou match! :)
- and are opposites of each other

Christine said...

Rachel just glows whenever her photo is taken.
Yes, Dan....they match. This time wearing opposite "colors". Rach is usually in black, Louise in white.
Never get enough of the two adorable "witches"!

Rosie said...

I've got that dress that Zoe is wearing! And one very similar to Louise's... Yay!
Pointless comment but i'm sure deep down you all really wanted to know...

Stephanie said...

Here is an interview with our lovely Rachel from the WOS Awards!


Dan said...

thanks so much stephanie!!!
was really interesting to hear about her auditioning for Wicked before,
she'd definitely have beaten Alexia that year I believe