Wednesday, 16 February 2011

Rachel Wows Dancing on Ice Viewers

The feedback to Rachel's stunning performance on Dancing on Ice has been so overwhelmingly positive I thought I'd post some of many comments left on You Tube.

"Absolutely Brilliant!! I'm never going to get bored of watching this."

"Why film the skaters? WE WANT TUCKER! So amazing, that we had 'Rachel Tucker', 'Defying Gravity' and 'Elphaba' trending WORLDWIDE on Twitter. That is just how much we love her."

"She is amazing!! I do love her voice!! Saw her last saturday in Londons Wicked and then watched Dancing on Ice today, she is just breathtaking!!"

"Absolutely fantastic! Left me speechless! Shame those skaters were ruining it all!"

"This was so incredible, yet not a patch on her performance in the actual show! Everyone should go see her. Defying Gravity in Wicked is just magical no matter how many times you see it! Cannot wait to go and see Ms Tucker & the rest of the fabulous London cast again!! Rachel, you did your Wicked family proud!!!"

"Thank you so much for uploading! For those who live across the world to enjoy Rachel's sensational performance. I've been waiting all night just to see this! She is absolutely wicked! Amazing... words fail to describe her!!"

"I saw Rachel in Wicked last October and Defying Gravity actually brought me to tears. It was so beautiful - I had wanted to see it for so long so it made me rather emotional! I was so excited when they said her name! She's just fantastic."

"Astounding even after watching it many times! You know..what hasn't been mentioned is her sweet reaction at the end. Rachel is obviously still so humble even with her star rising so high. She and Louise have that in common. Humility is a wonderful and precious trait. Kudos Ms. Tucker!!!! You're an example to us all."

"I love Rachel Tucker she was in the very Wickeed I saw live and I watched this on TV, plus I think she's so pretty. I wish I knew her in person. She's such a good singer and actress. OMG she always gets all the notes right. I just like to say I love Rachel Tucker, she inspires me so much."

"I havn't actually seen the show, but I am a huge fan of the soundtrack and after listening mostly to Idina Menzel I thought there would be no one near in comparison. Rachel Tucker has taken my breath away!!!! She is incredible. I cannot wait to see the show now!"

"This isn't even her best, yet it's still better than most other Elphabas. At 100% she is unmatched, she is a much better singer than Idina Menzel and Kerry Ellis. She is better than both of them at the top of her range."

"This is absolutely amazing! I went to see Wicked in 2008 when Akexia Khadime was playing Elphaba and she blew me away. Rachel beat that by miles! Well done girl!"

"I had never heard this song before watching the DOI tonight. Must have been sleeping under a rock or something! Rachel Tucker was amazing. What a voice! I haven't heard others sing this song, but surely she has to be one of the best. Need to book tickets me thinks."

"I thought Idina Menzel was the best from You Tubing different versions and the soundtrack but seriously seeing Rachel live in the show. Totally epic, puts some of the other elphaba's to shame."

"Rachel was the only reason I watched DOI today. She blew me away (as usual) AND managed to get Defying Gravity AND her name trending WORLDWIDE on twitter! You GO girl!"

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Christine said...

Awww, thank you for adding my comment to the front page of your awesome blog!
I tell you, Rachel attracts fans who are just like her...kind, generous, talented and just plain old good people.

Christine Tsotsos aka
maxiedoodle :)