Sunday, 20 February 2011

Rachel Desktop Wallpaper

I was recently asked if I could re-upload the Rachel wallpapers we posted back in 2008, unfortunately the link has expired and I'm not now sure how I created them. As I said in the original post, I'm no graphics expert.

I have managed to re-size the background image off her website to 1920x1200 and you can download that by clicking on the below link. I may be able to create other sizes if requested.


We all know Rachel has fans all over the world and to prove this point, below is a link to a fantastic 'Cabaret' wallpaper (1280x800) and an equally great 'Wicked' wallpaper created by Amanda from New Zealand.




CampMotha said...

Wow that was a fast response, thanks so much, gutted you cant find originals, but this is perfect for now.
I will see what I can do this week in terms of making a wallpaper. I will probably be making a Louise/Rachel one, a Elphaba/Glinda one and an Rachel one, its alright if I use images from the blog right??

Andy said...

Feel free to use images from the blog and I'd be happy to add links to your wallpapers in this post when you're done.