Sunday, 13 February 2011

Dancing on Ice Video

Oh boy, I can't remember the last time I was that nervous, I was physically shaking on my sofa. I can only imagine how Rachel must have felt having to perform such a demanding song in front of a TV audience of millions and in high definition too!

Well I needn't have worried, Rachel was SPECTACULAR!!

Performing on a raised platform - usually used by presenters Phil and Holly - Rachel looked sensational. She was beautifully green and dressed in full witch costume. Not actually the costume she wears for Defying Gravity in the show but my favourite, the one she wears in Act 2.

Her performance was simply breath-taking, hitting notes that most can only dream about and emitting every emotion Elphaba is feeling perfectly. As Emily says in her comment, Rachel's ability to act in such a pressurised and totally different environment to usual all by herself shows her true talent.

There might have been the tinniest wobble on one word near the start of the song but it was barely noticeable and what followed was so mind-blowingly incredible that quite frankly, who cares?

MASSIVE congratulations to Rachel for a spellbinding performance that will surely have all Dancing on Ice viewers visiting the Apollo Victoria very soon.

They've already started visiting the blog, with a record number of hits recorded since Rachel's phenomenal appearance on prime time TV. Seems like the artichoke stole the show.

I've just added this lovely picture of Rachel with Phillip "Silver Fox" Schofield I found on her Twitter page.



Christine said...

As I said on my facebook page (after uploading the vid there)...I'm weeping it was so breathtaking! Rachel just has to be the most talented peformer in Earth!!!
Thank you for making sure her American fans got to see her!

Christine Tsotsos

Dan said...

i enjoyed it so much more the 2nd time too cos i was SO bloody nervous for her!
but she did so gooooddd!!!!
It's nice to say "told ya so" to people hahaha

Christine said...

make that "on Earth" :)

Anonymous said...

Thanks Andy for uploading this so quickly. Rachel was AMAZING. This was such a fantastic performance of Defying Gravity. Loved it. Totally Wicked. Well done Rachel.
Lindsay & Jessica

David said...

One word -- MAGNIFICENT!!!
Excellent work Andy uploading this so quickly!

Andy said...

The upload failed at 37% the first time otherwise it would have been a little quicker.

Check out all the positive comments on You Tube.

To quote Randy Jackson on American Idol, Rachel blew it out of the water.

Rosie said...

As per usual it was an absolutely stunning performance rachel!! Girl done good!
Was watching at work (not ideal but whatever, had to happen!) and lots of the people sitting in the bar started talking about "that green girl on the telly"!
Loved it!

Laura said...

I cried! No joke! She looked and sounded absolutely beautiful and I'm so proud of her! <3 <3 <3 must have watched it over and over about ten times now!! just INCREDIBLE!! xxx

Rebecca said...

genuinely didn't even consider that she'd wobbled at all! I thought it was fantastic. She proved why she has the career she has.

David said...

Fifth time watching -- totally awesome -- this is what quality TV is all about! Also worth mentioning that the blog registered 1431 hits yesterday, a new record. I'm off to watch again....

Richard Payne said...

One of the best things in recent history of my life is "discovering" Rachel Tucker and I enjoy everything she does and hope to see and hear more and more.Thank God for Rachel in other words :)

Christine said...

Astounding even after watching it many times! You know..what hasn't been mentioned is her sweet reaction at the end. Rachel is obviously still so humble even with her star rising so high. She and Louise have that in common. Humility is a wonderful and precious trait. Kudos Ms. Tucker!!!! You're an example to us all.

EmilyR said...

I almost missed it last night! I was all ready to watch it at 9pm (for some reason I thought DOI started then) but a friend text me saying 'wasn't Rachel great' - i was mortified that I had missed it! Thank all things goodness and wicked that I have ITV1+1 :)

Rachel was stunning, amazing voice, and the ability to act in such a pressurised and totally different environment to usual all by yourself shows her true talent. I agree with Christine, she looked so humble at the end, bless her. Thanks as ever to Andy for uploading. I have still to watch it a 2nd time, can't wait til I'm home tonight :)

Andy said...

Emily - I've just added a line from your comment to the post. Hope that's OK.

EmilyR said...

Of course its ok, I am very flattered! Now I'm off to find it :)

Dan said...

i kinda wanna know where the broom appears from?

EmilyR said...

Yeah i thought this too when i re-watched it last night. I think it was next to/behind her, but as the camera pans away I guess we'll never know :)

Maybe its magic from the Grimmerie ;)