Sunday, 20 February 2011

Another Much Deserved Award For Rachel

I'm sure you all remember that over the past couple of month's we've been asking you to vote for Rachel in the 2011 Awards, the “theatregoers’ choice”.

I'm delighted - but not surprised - to announce that at tonights awards show Rachel picked up the award for 'Best Takeover in a Role'.


I know how much this award will mean to Rachel so we'd like like to say a MASSIVE thankyou to everyone who voted.

Thanks also to Dan for emailing us these beautiful pictures from the WOS website of a stunning Rachel showing off her latest award.

Wickeds award for 'Best West End Show' completed the perfect night and Rosie sent me the below link which will take you to a nice little video of Rachel and Mark discussing the shows latest triumph.


The below article is from the BBC News website:

The Belfast singer won a top accolade at a star-studded ceremony in London on Sunday night for her acclaimed performance as Elphaba in musical Wicked.

It means Rachel, who who came to prominence on the BBC's I'll Do Anything, now joins an illustrious list of actors who have picked up a award.

"I was a bit star struck last night. It is a great event and a great award," she said.

"To be nominated was a big surprise and to be recognised for something you get a lot of pleasure doing every night, is a bonus."

Rachel was named Best Takeover In A Role at the ceremony, for her turn as the green witch in Wicked.

And the actress had further cause for celebration when the smash hit musical picked up the Best West End Show gong for the second year running.

"I am bruised with the pitching I am doing," she said.

"To play this part is a dream role of mine, since I heard the soundtrack. My dream was always to get to the West End and I never thought it would be a part like this.

"I started last March and they have extended my contract, which is very nice of them. We all want to stay. So far, I will be there until December."

Thanks to Daibhid for this excellent and highly appropriate HQ graphic.


CampMotha said...

I am so excited for Rachel, i so didn't want to have to come to work, i wanted to wait at home to see if she won, lucky its my lunch break so i get to check the good news.
Hats off to Rachel and the whole cast, the awards are well deserved.
Rachel looks so awesome, love her dress. Do we know if she sang?

Dan said...

no problem at all! :)
it would have been an outrage if she hadn't have won! :)
I kinda wanna hear her speech lol

Christine said...

I would love to hear her speech too! While following the event on twitter I read that she was beautiful and humble during her acceptance speech.
I'm not surprised. She embodies both those traits! So very proud of her!
Can you just imagine her on stage Tuesday? Boy, oh boy. That audience is in for a treat!

Christine said...

Shoot. I meant to say Monday..not Tuesday. However, Rachel is amazing every day!

Alan (Chair) said...

My wife and I are no longer in our prime so to find us on the stage door line just speaks to the shear wonder that Rachel gave us.
We were blessed to meet her on the final night of IDA (which of course she should have won). Finally when Rachel came out she was so modest and actually took a couple of minutes with each fan and not just scribbled an indesipherable signature. Such a charming young lady. Her awards are so richly deserved. I asked Rachel about the possibilites of an album and she said that there were possibilities and irons in the fire. Wow won't that be something.
Anyhow Rachel enough rambling. You have managed to get two new fans even id not in the usual age genre.
Good luck and God Bless.

David said...

Excellent news and hugely deserved! Well done Rachel!

Rosie said...

Absolutely thrilled for you Rachel! So well deserved and I think it's safe to say the world is finally catching up with those who recognised just how ridiculously talented you are a few years back :) Huge congratulations (and your dress is gorgeous and i want it!) Rosie xx

Rosie said...

Andy - didnt wanna do a new post as i still don't know how to fiddle around with the timings and stuff and didnt want to knock yours off the top of the page but here is a little video of Rachel and Mark after 'Wicked' won the best musical award last night!

Andy said...

Thanks Rosie, I was hoping there might be a video out there somewhere but I hadn't managed to find it.

I'll add the link you sent me to the original post.

Rosie said...

No problem - i'm not the most technical of people and i'm not sure i have the foggiest idea how to go about making links and all that jazz so glad i left it in your capable hands!

CampMotha said...

Hey, just found another video clip, Rachel is in the beginning by herself, and then at 4 19 she and Mark talk for a few seconds.

Stephanie said...

Yeaaah, I knew she would win that award!!! We have campaigned like freaks and it worked :)!
Rachel, you're amazing, just saying!


Andy said...

That link doesn't seem to bring up a video with Rachel in Amanda.

Maybe WOS have replaced the video with a different one?

Dan said...

Andy, if you click the arrow,
you can choose video,
and then click on the best west end show video.
I might have a go at stealing it later if you like hehe

Christine said...

WOS Website may have the video for Best West End Show and the highlights...but I feel robbed!
I want WOS to post Rachel's acceptance speech and her reaction (her very own video) to winning her Best Take Over award.

We all certainly adore her! She, Barney, and Guy must be on cloud NINE!

Dan said...

no luck with 'stealing' the video :/
did you manage to watch it Andy?

Andy said...

Yes, I've seen it now thanks Dan.

For some reason it wouldn't run in Firefix but it worked fine using Internet Explorer.

Anonymous said...

Congratulations to Rachel. She absolutley deserved this award. So pleased she got it and she looked amazing. Well done Rachel ;) Loved her acceptance speech. Thanks for posting it here.
Jessica & Lindsay