Friday, 11 February 2011

Defying Gravity on Ice?


I still can't find any official news regarding the Wicked performance on Dancing on Ice this Sunday but there was a small article in The Sun - not usually that reliable a source I know - that suggests it will be Defying Gravity.

The cast of West End musical Wicked will sing Defying Gravity on Sunday's theatre-themed Dancing on Ice - as pro skaters fly above on wires.

Now that is exactly what I was expecting so whether they're guessing or actually know this to be fact I'm not sure.

If any of you guys have heard anything let us know by leaving a comment.

I will be recording the show and uploading the video, hopefully sometime on Sunday night


Victoria Maginnis said...
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Kirsty Mauger said...

Louise dearman (who plays Glinda in wicked) also tweeted that she (Louise) wasn't going to be on the show, but that Rachel was!

Christine said...

Rachel's Elphie stand-in (I forgot her name) tweeted she'll be on stage tomorrow and Monday. And the blog stated Rachel wouldn't be at the Protty-Jones signing.
I'd say Rachel's rehearsing tomorrow for Sunday's performance!

Thank you so much for recording/uploading Sunday's performance!

Victoria Maginnis said...
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georgia88h said...

Rachel just tweeted:
Oh my! Just bought Adel's new album yesterday and can't turn it off! Amazing! On way to DOI rehearsals, so excited about it! Xr
3mins ago
So we will be seeing rachel no matter what she sings!

christine said...

georgia, let's hope the camera just focuses on Rachel rather that Rachel + skaters.
In the U.S. "Dancing With The Stars", when there's a famous guest performing, dancers dance and hog the camera! lol
Wouldn't it be great when Rachel or Rachel/Louise have their OWN show? :)

Dan said...

eeeeek i really cannot wait for this... and i also have no concept of how they will do this.
surely they'll have to tone the song down a LOT... she can be belting out angry high notes! lol

Andy said...

Thanks for all the info guys, should be a great show and a spectacular opening.

Victoria Maginnis said...
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Franzy said...

would be totally awesome if you could upload it to youtube tonight because I won't be able to watch it and I'm really depressed here :p Thank you so so much :)

Christine said...

me too, Franzy!!! :(

Anonymous said...

Oh my goodness Rachel was AMAZING. She just did the most fantastic performance on Dancing On Ice. Loved, loved, loved it. The skating complimented her singing of Defying Gravity just perfectly. Please hurry and upload it Andy. We can wait to see it again.
Lindsay & Jessica

Dan said...

i sat with my hands over my mouth!!!
was weird having her in character!!! :)

Andy said...

I'm on the case.

I've recorded it to DVD. I'm going to copy it to my computer now and upload it to You Tube.

The You Tube upload could take a bit of time I guess.

Christine said...

Thank you Andy!
What title should we use to search on Youtube?

Franzy said...

Andy, I oficially love you!! Tucker is also trending on twitter worldwide. So proud of her :)