Wednesday, 5 January 2011

Andy's Perfect Start To 2011

Back in November I started to think about the new year and as it drew closer I thought what better way to start 2011 than with another trip to Oz. So I logged on to Ticketmaster and managed to secure an excellent seat in Row E of the stalls.

What I hadn’t actually thought of was how I might feel on the morning of Jan 1st. My plans for a sober night didn’t quite work out but I somehow managed to drag myself out of bed and get myself on the road to London. Thankfully I seemed to feel better as the day went on and by the time I approached the Apollo Victoria I was too excited to feel ill.

It was another superb show with the full cast present. I wont go into great detail as I know I’ve said it all before but even now I’m picking up new amazing things that Rachel brings to the role of Elphaba,

Her acting during ‘Loathing’ is nothing short of sensational. I was in stitches as she flicked her glasses up and down, went cross eyed and stuck her tongue out at Glinda, who was prancing around with her Shiz classmates on the other side of the stage.

It also has to be said that she has really perfected the wicked witch laugh, it’s enough to give you nightmares lol.

I braved the cold after the show to meet Rachel at the stage door and she was as lovely as always and was kind enough to chat with me for some time despite the freezing temperatures.

I didn’t get a picture because I forgot my camera and the one on my phone is rubbish but trust me when I say she looked incredible. Particularly loving the boots and hat Rachel.

She did inform me of some exciting news that she is having a professional official website set up and it should go live later this month. She was almost apologetic because I think she felt David and I might be disappointed but Rachel is a superstar now and really should have her own site. I can’t wait to see it and will of course add a prominent link on the blog.

Don’t panic, the blog will continue to run as David and I enjoy showing our support to such a special lady and interacting with her equally special fans, but now you’ll have 2 excellent sources of information to keep up to date with everything Rachel. She still reads the blog regularly and actually commented on the ‘Accelerator’ clip that I’d only posted earlier that day.

Going to Wicked and meeting Rachel was the perfect start to 2011 and I’m already looking forward to my next trip which I’m hoping will be sometime in February.


Stephanie said...

Another short but great review!
Glad you had such an amazing day. Can't wait to go back. Shame I live that far, otherwise I would come more often!
Really looking forward to go see the show all together!

Happy New Year everyone!

Andy said...

I've actually lost count how many times I've seen Wicked now. I think it's about 15, 7 shows before Rachel joined and 8 since.

It's always amazing and never gets stale but it is sometimes difficult to find new and exciting things to say in a review.

We'll try to arrange a Team Tucker meet up sometime this summer. Checking Rachels holiday dates first of course.

Dan said...

I was thinking that would be a good idea! :)
we could meet up extra early to get the front rows :)

Andy said...

A nice idea Dan but it might prove tricky. Some fans have to travel a long way to get to London and it might not be possible for them to get to the theatre at 6:00am.

We need to give it some thought because I know price will be an issue as well. Tickets range from £15 to £90 as you probably know.

I think it might be best if we try to purchase tickets near the front but on the side, which cost about £30. I think there are 4 or 5 seats on the end of each row available at that price so we could start in Row B and move back as necessary depending on numbers.

At the moment I'd say July looks the most likely month for a potential meet up but I'll need to speak to Rachel at some point to see if she has any holidays planned. There is nothing listed on the Wicked website so we can't risk doing anything just yet.

Stephanie said...

July is excellent! I'm in!
It's indeed not possible to get to the theatre at 6:00am, unless I arrive the day before!
Looking forward to make the wicked Rachel T-shirt :-)))!

Dan said...

6am!!! yikes!
i'd never get there for that! lol
7.30 would be ok lol

David said...

Nice one Andy -- what a great start to your new year!

I agree 100% that Rachel deserves a professional site and I'm looking forward to seeing it.

Unfortunately living in Belfast it isn't as easy to get to the West End as often as I'd like, particularly as I once again failed to win the lottery in 2010, but I'm hoping to bring the family over again at some stage this year.

Jazz said...

Really great review. And I can only agree with everything. I saw the show on New Years Day too and am still blown away. It was so worth the journey from Germany :) We had seat in the row B Stalls.

Rachel definitely has a new fan in Germany now :)

Anonymous said...

Hi Andy
We are eagerly awaiting details of the Team Tucker meet up. Thanks for another great review. Look forward to the new website but will continue to enjoy this blog :) Thanks to you and David for running it and keeping us all up to date with Rachel.
Happy New Year.
Lindsay & Jessica

Christine Tsotsos said...

Yes, I'd love to come to the UK to see Rachel! Dan is right, some would have to travel a very long way! What are some great hotels in the West End where this Floridian can stay?

Anonymous said...

Hi Christine
I hope you can make it to the UK soon to see Wicked. You will not be disappointed :) Rachel is amazing.
We usually go to London for the day so I can't really recommnend any hotels personally.
Rubens Hotel seems to be very near to the Wicked theatre and they also do special Wicked deals.
Rachel and Louise did this fun fun film where they visited Rubens Hotel.
Good luck.
Lindsay & Jessica
PS I am visiting Florida in April. Please make sure the sun is shining for me!

Christine Tsotsos said...

Lindsay and Jennifer!
April in Florida??? Somehow the state knows many students come to spend time during their spring break. And many people come from around the world to enjoy the sunshine. I won't be my home and fortune on it, but I can pretty much guarantee it will be gorgeous here!
Next time you see Rachel, please tell her she has a fan in Florida and someday she'll meet me at the stage door!

Christine Tsotsos said...

hmmm... I mean I wouldn't BET my home and fortune. lol

Anonymous said...

Hi Christine
We'll pass that on when we next see her. Will probably be in the summer:)
We visited Florida in April 2009 and when we arrived it was cold! It soon warmed up though and we had a great time.
Have a great weekend.
Lindsay & Jessica