Saturday, 1 January 2011

Accelerator Clip

As you may remember if you've followed the blog since we began, Rachel made a brief appearance as a nurse in a filmed called 'Accelerator' back in 1999.

It was about a Belfast man, who steals cars for a living, dreams of retiring to Barcelona. He finds himself in conflict with a crazed gangster, who desires the first man's girl friend. The two decide to settle the situation with a race run with 12 of their friends. The trick is that they have to steal the cars for the race.

One of our readers - Rebecca - was kind enough to upload that small section of the film to You Tube.

Yes, Rachel was blonde!

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David said...

Woah I remember hearing about this legendary clip way back in the early days of the blog (nearly 3 years ago). Never thought I'd get to see it. Nice one Rebecca!