Friday, 7 January 2011

'More With Every Line' Album Review

Team Tucker member Laura Roberts was kind enough to send us this mini review of the brilliant new album "More With Every Line - The Music Of Tim Prottey-Jones", which as previously mentioned features our very own Rachel.

For Christmas, I got a £15 Amazon gift voucher from my granddad, and I was on the site almost instantly. I had read loads about the album 'More With Every Line: The Music of Tim Prottey-Jones' and was desperate to get it, especially as it had our Rachel on it. So I ordered it during the Christmas holidays, and it arrived on the 6th of January. It only took two days to get here! It was so tempting to just skip to track 13 to listen to Rachel's 'Rain on Me', but I dilligently listened to the other twelve. I have to say, all of the songs are stunning- particular highlights were Louise Dearman's 'Fallen', Jessie Buckley's 'I Will be There' and Samantha Barks' 'Strong Without You'. So there I was, buzzing with excitement, whilst waiting for number 13. Unlucky for some, but not for me!! 'Rain on Me' starts with a thunder rumble (very dramatic!) and then a piano plays. Then, the moment that I had been waiting for: Rachel's voice. Just spine-tingly and gorgeous :) She starts softly and then it just builds up. Her range is incredible! She goes way down low at some points, and then in the middle bit she goes very high! Maybe a high A? Overall, the song is just in a different league. After listening to it three times in a row (I would have listened to it many more times but I had to go to Youth Orchestra!) I decided that this is probably the best Rachel has sung... EVER! My compliments to Tim Prottey-Jones for creating such beautiful music. If you don't have the album I suggest you get it A.S.A.P! It's £13.99 VERY well spent!


Dan said...

Thanks for your review :)
- personally I have listened to the album and the only track I find listenable is Rachel's
but that's just my opinion hehe

Dan said...

i mean songwriting-wise... the vocals are great throughout especially Rachel and Louise.
- but some of the songs make me cringe lol

Laura said...

I see what you mean :) ah well it's early days! if this is his first work it's still quite impressive. I think both Rachel and Louise have really had a chance to show off their amazing vocal range - which is credit to Tim Prottey-Jones :) Thanks for posting my review by the way Andy :) xxx

Andy said...

No problem Laura.

It's the only review of this album we've got on the blog, so we really appreciate you writing it for us.

Laura said...

aaw it's a pleasure! :) xxx