Tuesday, 2 November 2010

It's Official - Rachel Extends Stay in Oz




"I've just been told it's official - I'm staying for another 'term' at Shiz!! Why am I always the last to know!!! Tee hee hee! CANT GET ENOUGH!"


Just in case anyone is left in any doubt, it has now be confirmed by Rachel - see her tweet above - that she is staying in Oz after signing up for another term at Shiz. It would therefore seem that BroadwayWorld were spot on with the information in their article - see link in below post - and if that's the case Rachel will be Defying Gravity for another 403 days, at least! We couldn't be happier.........

Elphaba is the best role in musical theatre, it requires someone with mindblowing vocals and incredible acting ability and that is why Rachel is the perfect woman for the job. Arguably the only woman for the job.

I think this news will lead to another record breaking year in 2011 for the West End's most popular show.

Rachel's contract now runs until 10th December 2011


David said...

Fantastic news! Big congrats to Rachel and well done to Wicked for their impeccable taste!

Dan said...

SOOO great... now we just need to get them to budge and do a london recording!! :)

Andy said...

Rachel is irreplaceable and I think Wicked know it. The show will continue to draw in the crowds when she does eventually leave but they'll never have a better Elphaba thats for sure.

As Rachel will now be in the show until Dec 2011 it gives us more time to persuade them to do a London recording Dan.

I will do a reminder post in a month or so to remind people to send in their letters.

It couldn't hurt to send a second letter in a few month's time if there is still no sign of a UK cast recording in the piepline.

Project Journal said...

I can hardly stand this!!! It is phenomenal news!!!!!!

Trip is undecided where we'll go this year, but traditionally we go to a new country every summer. Last summer was luckily London (well that's not a country lol!!). So now the plan is to convince family to swing by London for a couple days to see Wicked again. Think I can make it happen?? LOL!

Thanks for keeping us updated on all things Wicked!

Anonymous said...

Hey there..a new aussie to the blog :) I know we sound incredibly behind but "ill do anything" just finished in Oz lol. I was devastated when Rachel didnt make it through to the finals. Anyway when the show finished i decided to do a google search on Rachel to see if there was any info regarding what she had been doing since 2008. Damm was i happy to see she has the leading role in Wicked. I havent been to see Wicked as yet even though it is now playing in australia, however i missed it in my hometown of Melbourne and its playing in Brisbane now. But now i know Rachel will be in Wicked until next December I may just make that trip to London to see her :)) Ive been meaning to go back to the uk anyway so this is the perfect excuse. Just hope i can get tickets!!!! Does Rachel come check this board out? If so, HEY RACHEL, im one of your Aussie fans, Leanne :))

Andy said...

Hi there Aussie,

We were all devastated about Rachel not winning IDA because it was so obvious that she was the most talented contestant but it now looks like it was a blessing in disguise.

She has played Meat and Scaramouche in 'We Will Rock You', hosted a TV show, performed at the BBC Proms, Gay Pride and West End Live to name but a few and her current role as Elphaba is the biggest and best in musical theatre.

She does read the blog and I'm sure she'll be stoked to know she now has fans in Australia as well.

You really must try and get over to the UK to see the show before next December; I guarantee you'll be blown away.

Dan said...

Hi Leanne! :)
Greetings to you!

I spent a year in Oz and loved it, would've loved I'd Do Anything to be on there while I was there :)

I think... I read somewhere that wicked was soon coming to Adelaide... might be wrong, but that's not too far from you :)

But of course nothing would be better than coming to London to see our Rachel! :D

Stephanie said...

You're right Dan, nothing is better then coming to London to see Rachel :-)!
That is what I'm going to do, come back to London on December 4th to see the musical a second time. I can hardly wait!
Rachel has also a very "wicked" fan from Belgium ;-)!