Friday, 5 November 2010

Wicked Are Lucky To Have Rachel

I wanted to leave the fantastic news about Rachel's contract extension at the top of the blog but I simply had to post at least a little of a Wicked review I've just read on ''.

Almost every review I've read since she started back in March has been overwhelmingly positive about both the musical and Rachel but many - like the one on Show-and-Stay - actually pick out our girl as the real star of the show.

Below is a little extract from the Show-and-Stay review, you can read the whole review if you follow the link at the end of this post. I suggest you do, it's a good read.

"On the other hand, Rachel Tucker, as Elphaba, is. Like Lee Mead, she is a product of Andrew Lloyd Webber’s TV talent show factory, but while Mead is simply passable as Fiyero, Tucker is the stand-out of the show… and not just because she’s green. With nary a hint of her Irish accent, Tucker gives Elphaba a believability lacking from other characters. Prickly and awkward but with a sensitive side, you root for her from the off. Factor in Tucker’s stunning voice and comic talent, and she alone makes Wicked worth the ticket price."



Dan said...

that's a good sound byte! :)

David said...

Superb review -- buy that man a drink! :)