Monday, 1 November 2010

Breaking News: Rachel Extends Contract !!

We haven't actually heard anything official from Rachel just yet but according to the below article from both Rachel and Louise have extended their Wicked contracts until 10th December 2011.

Cast members are not allowed to leak news regarding their futures until the show gives them the go ahead, so the fact that Louise has already confirmed her contract extension on her Twitter page has to be a good sign and would indicate this is probably accurate information.

I simply couldn't wait another second to post such exciting news but if this does prove to be premature you all have permission to give me a good slap. Let’s hope that’s not necessary.


The news of the two leads contract extensions comes after a recording breaking week for the show. Wicked made West End Theatre history with the highest ever recorded weekly gross. For week-ending 30 October 2010, the musical earned an extraordinary £923,612 at the Box Office. Over 20,000 people attended 9 performances of the musical at London's Apollo Victoria Theatre.

This is partly down to the extra half term matinee we mentioned in an earlier post but it's still an AMAZING achievement.

Wicked has now played over 1700 performances and grossed in excess of £115 million at the UK Box Office since its West End premiere in 2006. Now in its 5th year, over 3 million theatregoers have already seen the multi award-winning show.

I've no doubt Wicked will continue to go from strength to strength now it would seem they have secured the services of the shows best ever Elphaba until December 2011.

PS. I'm going to delay my Wicked Day write up for a week or so to ensure all Rachel's fans get chance to see this post before it gets pushed down the blog.


Anonymous said...

Yippee Rachel and Louise are staying.
Did that really just happen? Have I actually understood?
This calls for a celebration the Glinda way!
I couldn't be happier. Thank Goodness!

Andy said...

LOL, well said Jessica.

I just hope BroadwayWorld have got their facts right.

Stephanie said...

Fantastic news!!!
I couldn't be happier too Jessica :-)!


Dan said...

I did put in my letter that the producer should definitely look at extending the current lead roles, especially Rachel and Louise haha not that that would've made any difference! :)

Lewelyn-H said...

Rachel just confirmed it on twitter!!

Dan said...

ye just got a rachel text lol i call it that... but it's a tweet haha
"I've just been told it's official-I'm staying for another 'term' at Shiz!! Why am I always the last to know!!! Tee hee hee! CANT GET ENOUGH!"
Brilliant news!!! :)