Monday, 1 November 2010

Wicked Day Videos

You'll here all about my eventful time at Wicked Day soon - yes, I was there - but for now enjoy these videos I've found on You Tube.

The first one is of Rachel and Louise singing 'For Good' and was uploaded by linny90120:

Here is another video of the same performance from a slightly different angle. Thanks to Matt for spotting this one:

The second video was also uploaded by linny90120 and shows us one of the many acts that took part in the Wicked karaoke. I would have had a go but I was worried it might cause a mass evacuation of St Pancras so thought better of it.

If you spot any more videos of Wicked day that you think we should feature please let us know.


Dan said...

eeek wicked karaoke.... :s

Stephanie said...

Hmmmmm ...!!!
The first video is lovely!

Anonymous said...

Can't wait to hear all about your time at 'Wicked Day'. I enjoyed the first video. Hope to see some more soon ;)

Matt said...

Here's another one!

Andy said...

Thanks Matt, I've added the video to the post.