Sunday, 17 January 2010

Update From Elphaba!!!!

Hi everyone! Rachel here. I just want to say how overwhelmed I am at the massive amount of support and wonderful messages I've received over the past few days. Thank you so much for your interest and encouragement.

I know how adored the show 'Wicked' is by its thousands of loyal fans (i know because i am one of them) which is why I'm honored, as well as beside myself with excitement to be taking on this extraordinary role.

It has been my dream part since watching the show on Broadway, Christmas 2004 when I begged my mum and sister to go to New York; them thinking it was for a shopping trip, but really it was to see this show that everyone was talking about! so to have it come true is just, well. . . . WICKED!- Sorry about the pun!

I begin rehearsing 1st March and open on the 29th-WOW!-that gives me the shivers just typing that! AND I'm thrilled to say that I'll be working along side the extremely talented Lou Dearman who will be playing Glinda! The amazing thing is we met for the first time last March working on Gary Lake's musical pastiche 'So Jest End', where we actually played these parts! Lou as Glinda and I as Elphaba! neither of us knowing it was to happen for real a year later!!!

Well theres a lot to be done before the 29th March and a break before hand is definitely on the agenda! Happy new year to you all and blog soon I hope. xrx

Ps just would like to say a massive congratulations to Karen and Richard on their beautiful new baby girl! x


Julia said...

So so proud of you Rachel! I also find it cool that you did the Wicked task thing on I'd Do Anything and Kerry picked you as the person who would be able to handle the role, and a couple of years later you're there on that stage for real.

Rosie, Emz and I will be there on opening night to cheer you on. So excited!

Dan said...

So happy for you Rachel!
My favourite musical and one of my favourite Singers! I'll have to stop myself coming to see it hundreds of times! haha.
Louise sounds amazing as well!!!

I think that too Julia, I wish the beeb had shown us more of that group performance on the Wicked stage, I think Rachel got maybe 3 words?

I also find it funny that Kerry Ellis is the new Nancy!! such a small world sometimes!

Although... imo Nancy is a step down from Elphie!

Karen said...

Rachel, I am so proud of you and all your acheivements. I live my dreams through you and I cannot wait to see you on opening night. Me and the girls (Rachel and Emma) are planning a girlie few days away. No baby Molly attached lol. ps thankyou for your congratulations on our new arrival. Molly is a wee gem and Matthew totally adores her. Trying to keep up with the blog and all thats going on a much as possible but these are busy times. Lots love to you and yours xxx

Andy said...

I still can't believe it.

Wicked is the best show in the world and Elphaba the biggest female role in the West End.

Maybe we should be thanking the public that DIDN'T vote for you on IDA because things couldn't have gone any better since the show.

All your fans here at the blog never doubted your talent for a second and your achievements since IDA prove we know talent when we see it. Thankfully so do the people handing out the best roles in the West End.

Good luck Rachel, I know you'll look good in green.

helen said...

Well done Rachel! The part of Elphaba is, as you say, the part to play and there is no doubt at all that you will play the role commendably and memorably. I cannot wait to come and see you take to the stage in your green make up and suspect that there are tens of thousands of people who share this anticipation and excitement. A thousand congratulations :)

Helen xx

Chris H said...

Brilliant news Rachel, what a role! Where to go from this?? Velma Kelly on Broadway is my guess! Couldn't agree more that NOT winning I'd Do Anything was probably the best result for you in the long run, anyone who watched that show would know you were the true outstanding talent. Go girl!!! Chris xxx

Sarah J said...

Im so happy for you Rachel.. Wel done! When i see how far you've come im honestly glad you never got Nancy! Elphaba is amazing and i'll do whatever i can to come doon and see you in at role..!!

Enjoy your wee break and i know you'll own e stage as Elphaba! Xx

Rosie said...

AAAHHHHH im well excited =D

Rosie said...

(...and also really jealous of Thailand...)

Katie said...

A huge congratulations to you Rachel, fantastic news! I have no doubt you will do justice to the role of Elphaba and can't wait to see it for myself!

bloom2507 said...

Hey Rachel, that is the best possible news! Both for you and for Wicked fans (I am one of them). I saw the original London version with Idina Menzel, that blew me away. No other version I have seen has had the same effect on me so far, but now, wow, You are going to be Elphaba!!!!! I totally wanted for you to win on IDA, and now I am so totally chuffed you didn't. You have got the best role to play in the West End Musical World, and you are the best person to play it. I have tickets for your opening night, I am thrillified! See you then and have a Wicked time!

xxnancy1996xx said...

Saw wicked tod ay it was aweosme!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! rachel u can sing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!