Tuesday, 19 January 2010

A Few Forum Comments

Having had a glance at some random online comments on our new Elphaba, I thought it worth sharing a few. These ones are from the 'Dress Circle' message board.

I particularly agree with the person who praised 'Love Shine A Light' -- that has to be one of Rachel's best ever performances.

''Rachel was my favourite. This is great news.''

''great news, she can really belt a song, her performance of "love shine a light" at "theatremad west end eurovision" was amazing, even katrina who performed it originally said that she would "never hear it performed so well as long as she lived" http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PLt5y9zjFhc
and louise dearman as well. what a great piece of casting she was simply outstanding in "Evita"

''I loved both Rachel and Sarah Lark on I'd Do Anything so it's nice to see them having gone on to do well, in different ways.''

''Louise Dearman and Rachel Tucker together should be great - nice casting! Certainly making me want to make a return visit.''


bloom2507 said...

I saw the original London version with Idina Menzel, that blew me away. No other version has done the same... so far... I totally wanted for Rachel to win IDA, and now I am so totally chuffed she didn't. She has got the best role to play in the West End Musical World, and she is the best person to play it. I have tickets for Rachel's opening night, I am thrillified, and I can not wait to see her flying off the stage to sing Defying Gravity. When Idina left, for a long time I felt like I had lost Elphaba for good, now I feel like she is back. Rachel made such an impression on me during IDA, I am totally in awe of these news and my tickets.

bloom2507 said...

Replying to your own message feels a bit 'overpowering', but I got my tickets in the mail yesterday, and I need to share the happiness :) It's sooooooo cool to see that date 29-03-2010 on them, and they are very good stalls tickets too (bought them as soon as the Rachel news was spread by the Ozmopolitan newsletter). I am not 100% sure about this, but the logo design on the tickets might have changed a bit. All very Wicked anyway, and an amazing night to look forward to. Again, sorry for the double over-enthusiastic post.