Friday, 15 January 2010

Rachel Praise

As you'd expect, many sites have been featuring Rachel's news today, most of them merely variations on the press release, but I thought it worthwhile to post this little article from the London Theatre Breaks Blog.

One thing's for sure -- there will be a lot written about Rachel in 2010. Let's hope it's all as nice as this:

'I’m a big fan of Rachel Tucker. I thought she had a great voice when she was in I’d Do Anything and I absolutely loved her in We Will Rock You. She was playing Meat the night I saw her but I believe she made a great success of the lead role, Scaramouche, on the few occasions she got to play it. Rachel will join Wicked as the new Elphaba and I can’t wait to hear her sing “Defying Gravity”. The voice and the song should combine beautifully and give us yet another interpretation of a great standard. So as one Nancy (Jodie) bows out the West End will see another graduate of the I’d Do Anything programme take centre stage. Perhaps this will convince the critics that reality casting shows do actually uncover worthwhile talent. Don’t hold your breath!

Like Kerry Ellis, a previous much loved Elphaba, Rachel will bring her own loyal fan base to the show and no doubt to this post. Hi all

Oz Trivia – Rachel is no stranger to Oz having played Dorothy in The Wizard of Oz at Belfast’s Lyric Theatre.'


Andy from London Theatre Breaks said...

The original post together with the photo credit belongs to my London Theatre Breaks blog at

"Wicked Welcomes Rachel Tucker"

Andy said...

Yeah' I found that article to David. Lets hope thats the first of many praising Rachel's talent in 2010.

PS. Nice touch with the 'Wicked' picture in the top right of the blog.

Kristin Nicole said...

Now. Lets see what we can do about getting her to pull a Kerry Ellis so those of us stateside can see her!