Saturday, 12 September 2009

Cast Change Night

It's the end of an era tonight as Rachel performs in WWRY for the final time.

We want to wish her, Ricardo, Jon and the rest of the cast all the very best and look forward to Rachel's next project.

Rosie will be there tonight amongst others and if you're lucky enough to be going, remember that your reviews, comments and photos are all very welcome.


Emma said...

I think she's on tv every friday, acting as a judge on 'find me the funny' at 10.35.
I think it's only in Northern Ireland though, I saw her last night :)

David said...

You're right Emma -- I've posted a link to the show on the BBC Iplayer. Not too sure about the standard of comedy so far but Rachel makes a good judge.

Victoria Maginnis said...

I was there last night :( Sooo emotional and a brilliant show. It was my first (and sadly last) time seeing Rachel as Meat, after seeing her as Scara twice. I was one of the girls who shouted "We Love You Rachel" during the speeches. So fangirly but she was amazing and deserved it cause we do :) xx