Wednesday, 19 August 2009

WWRY Audio Recordings

100% unofficial and absolutely nothing to do with us, but it's well worth posting these impressive recordings featuring Rachel as Scaramouche.

Anyone who has seen Rachel's Scara (and quite a few have been lucky enough to do so recently) will have been well impressed with her roof-lifting rendition of 'Somebody To Love', which we're featuring first here.

You can also enjoy 'Hammer To Fall', 'Under Pressure', 'Who Wants To Live Forever', 'Headlong' and 'I Want To Break Free', all featuring Rachel's distinctive vocal.

A big thank you to Sarah for finding these great recordings and to Marinka from the Netherlands who was brave enough to record them in the first place.

1 comment:

Marinka said...

(At first apologizes for my bad english XD)
Hey! Omg I think this is so cool haha I never expected you'll put this on your site :P I made a mistake in the videos though, it says that Lauren Adams played Meat but it was Amanda Coutts. :P

But she was reaaaaally great and she blew me away with her 'Somebody to Love'!! We loved it so much that we went two times and we were sooo happy when we saw her coming up with 'I want to break free'.

It's a real pity she left WWRY yesterday :( I so wanted to be there, to see her as Meat too, but well it wasn't possible to fly from Holland to there, hihi. :)

I think it's really cool that you've put my videos up to your site haha! :D

Rachel is GREAT!! I am very curious 'bout what she's going to do next, love her!

xx Marinka