Saturday, 12 September 2009

Rachel in 'Find Me The Funny'

Rachel is on the judging panel for new BBC NI show 'Find Me The Funny.' The series is a search for a stand-up comedian worthy of an appearance at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival and is broadcast on Friday nights on BBC Northern Ireland.

You can watch the first show right now via the BBC IPlayer. As one of only three judges, Rachel features heavily in the show and there's even a little snippet of IDA around the ten minute mark.

Just click on the link below.



Sarah J said...

Shes lek an Irish version of Cheryl Cole, but nicer!

Victoria Maginnis said...

Has anyone ripped this from the BBC iPlayer site so we can watch it again after tomorrow? I would but I TOTALLY forget how to do it! :(

David said...

I've no idea either Victoria -- if anyone knows how to do this or can do it, please let us know.