Monday, 22 June 2009

West End Live!!!

Georgia's done a pretty amazing summary of the fantastic West End Live in Leicester Square this weekend, so there's not much to add, other than it was an absolutely amazing 2 days of musical theatre.

Rachel didn't have a solo and in fact was shoved to the far side of the stage, however the energy and commitment in her performance was matched only by Amanda Coutts (Rachel's understudy) and both girls stole the show in my opinion!

Anyway - I managed to get a few pictures, not of the best quality but they're quite good!


AnnaaP said...

We will rock you and jersey boys were definetely the best shows there. shame rachel didn't get a solo though :(

ashlee__ said...

I totally agree, Amanda's dancing was immense!
Gutted I couldn't see Rachel as she was on the far right hand side of the stage where I was stood.
I'm sure she was amazing like always though.