Tuesday, 23 June 2009

Our Best West End Live Pictures Yet!

First a big thanks to David who despite being on the other side of the planet on holiday at them moment he is still finding the time to help out a busy bookkeeper; that's me incase you hadn't guessed lol. I'm delighted he managed to track down those great full length videos of the WWRY performances at West End Live because they give us a real feel for just how amazing this special event was and how lucky Rosie and Georgia were to be there. Talking of Rosie, big thanks to her as well because she is often the only blogger able to get to these events so her input is maybe the most important of all.

Another lucky Team Tucker member was Kirsty who was present at both Hampton Court and West End Live; best of all, so was her excellent camera. Unfortunately photos were not permitted at Hampton Court but check out these superb shots she took of Rachel and the gang at West End Live (One at the top and 2 down below). Thanks so much for sharing these with us Kirsty, they really are fantastic.

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Rosie said...

Andy i have to say it is NO trouble for me whatsoever to go to as many west end/musical/Rachel related events as is physically possible!! Always happy to go along and report back!