Sunday, 21 June 2009

West End Live 2009

Thanks a million to Georgia for her footage and review and also to Andy for posting them earlier today.

We were aware that West End Live was happening and the WWRY cast would be there but we weren't sure if Rachel would be attending. Very glad to say that she did and our roving reporter Rosie was once again in attendance.

I've decided to post these videos of all four WWRY performances as they're very good quality and Rachel does feature a fair bit.
The line-up for this event was little short of incredible, including cast members from Hairspray, Been So Long, Wicked, Dirty Dancing, The King & I, Oliver (including Jodie), Sister Act, Priscilla, Chicago, Jersey Boys, Little Big Club, So Jest End & Avenue Q and just goes to show how lucky all you Londoners are.


Georgia said...

Ahh, glad to see someone was close enough to get a pic of Rachel and Biggins! Got much better videos too!, I couldnt resist dancing so had to stop most of mine after 30 seconds!

Rosie said...

It was such an amazing two days!!! Rachel's lapdance for Biggins was brilliant, but unluckily my camera decided to stop recording right at that second. Also my camera managed to miss out Rachel's Scottish/Ballet dance during Bohemian Rhapsody!
What a brilliant weekend!