Friday, 9 January 2009


Article from the London Theatre Breaks site -- note positive Rachel mention!

We Will Rock You New Year Record Breaker

We Will Rock You has already turned 2009 into a record breaking New Year. It achieved the highest number of paid admissions in one week for any West End show last year. More than 20,000 tickets were bought in the six days following the 29th of December.

Brian May to Appear in We Will Rock You!
Brian May, one of the co-creators of We Will Rock You will be visiting the show on Saturday the 10th of January. On his site May says:

‘I usually try to keep it casual, because really it’s all about me bonding with the cast and band and crew, and sharing a little bit of their load … but I always get stick from people saying “You didn’t tell us you were going to be there!” So this time, I’ll say it quietly but clearly … I WILL be there Saturday 10th, and I will be making a small appearance (or is it “apparition”?) in the matinee and evening shows. It’s not an advertised part of the show - it’s just a fun bonus, which happens about once a year … but it’s always a blast. It will be doubly exciting this time, since the last time I tried it, the lift got stuck, and I ended up in a very dark smoky cage under the stage for the whole of the solo in Bohemian Rhapsody. So we will be trying not to repeat that effect !!!’ ‘This Saturday is WWRY Party day … we will be celebrating between shows, and afterwards, entering our 8th year of Rocking London in 2009, with The Greatest Show In Town !!! See ya there … let’s rock into the New Year.’

Wish I had tickets for tomorrow’s show!! We had a real blast when we went to see We Will Rock You last year. It’s definitely on my list to re-visit. Ideally I’d like to see Rachel Tucker’s occasional Scaramouche but seeing Brian May in the production would be good too!

We Will Rock You Special Offer
It’s worth mentioning that there are some very special offers available at the moment for We Will Rock You theatre breaks, with a free hotel included in the £60 per person ticket price for weekday performances between now and 26 March 2009.

For details of the free hotel offer, click on the link below:


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