Thursday, 8 January 2009

Last 2 Days for Voting

Our competition poll is drawings to a close and it's still not clear whether it's going to be Emily or Lois who ends up winning that fantastic signed WWRY song book.

I can reveal that they both predicted Meat would finish first and as that now looks almost certain it will come down to who was closest to predicting the votes to decide the winner.

This will work as follows:

1ST MEAT (40)

1ST MEAT (45)

The above prediction would give you a score of 15 (5 Out on Meat & 10 Out on Scaramouche) and it will be the person with the lowest score - smallest difference - who ends up victorious.

If you haven't yet voted then please do so because although the poll result looks a forgone conclusion the winner of our competition certainly isn't.

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