Sunday, 11 January 2009

Brian May at WWRY + Another Milestone!

It was an exciting day for WWRY fans yesterday as Queen's Brian May made a special appearance. He performed a solo during 'Bohemian Rhapsody', gave a short speech and spent ages at the stage door making sure everyone got autographs.
Unfortunately Rachel was off on holiday yesterday (would have been a great photo op).
If anyone has any pics, please let us know.

I went to see 'Flash Harry', the Queen Tribute band in Belfast's Odyssey arena last night. They were backed by the Ulster Orchestra, a full choir and even featured an opera diva during 'Barcelona.' Not bad at all, but to be honest, nothing can compare to WWRY, and although they didn't perform 'No-One But You', Rachel's version of 'Somebody to Love' knocked them right out of the ball park.

Our blog has passed yet another major milestone today -- 60 000 hits! I've run out of things to say on these occasions, so I'll just quote this comment a WWRY fan recently left on the WWRY Facebook Group. 'Rachel Tucker -- the nicest person in the world.'

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