Monday, 12 January 2009

We Have a Winner!

Our competition play off poll has ended and it's finally time to announce the winner of that fantastic signed WWRY song book me and David picked up at Scaramouche night way back on November 15th.

We decided on the play off when Emily and Lois were both equally close to predicting the results of our original 'Favourite Queen Songs' poll.

This time we asked them to guess whether Rachel's fans prefer the role of Meat or Scaramouche and how many votes each would get.

Yet again there was very little to choose and at one point I was beginning to think we were going to have another draw. However a few votes on the final day meant we do now have a winner.

(39) MEAT

(40) MEAT

(22) MEAT

As you can see Lois was only 1 away from guessing the amount of votes Scaramouche would receive but was 18 away from accurately predicting Meat's. That gave her an overall difference of 19.

Emily was only 1 away from guessing the amount of votes Meat would receive and was only 6 away from predicting Scaramouche's too. That gave her an overall difference of 7 and therefore makes her our winner.

Congratulations Emily, your signed songbook will be with you shortly.

DAVID SAYS: Congratulations Emily -- can you email me your address please on


holz said...

well done emily and lois x
WOO first commenter!

Georgia said...

I went to see WWRY at the matinee this afternoon, and was thrilled to discover Rachel was playing Scaramouche.

As me and a friend sat in our seats and the music started up i was so excited, and when they announced Rachel as Scaramouche for the night i was very happy.

She was hilarious in her acting, and amzing in her singing, i believe some more Rachel fans may have been there as she got MASSIVE cheers for her sensational performance.

Sadly i didnt get to meet her, but it was still an amazing show!