Sunday, 28 December 2008

Sunday Life Article

The Belfast Paper 'Sunday Life' have a small article on Rachel & Niamh today. The photo they used (above) of course dates back to June when Rachel and Guy returned to Belfast for a few days after IDA ended.

I'd Do Anything finalist RACHEL TUCKER is set for one very busy 2009.

Rachel, currently starring in Queen musical We Will Rock You, has revealed she will be planning the biggest day of her life.

She added: "I'm marrying my fiance Guy Retallack next year and I am really looking forward to the big day. I suppose my New Year's resolution would have to be to get more organised as I'm planning the wedding for September and it's not really that far away. I can't wait."

Fellow Ulster I'd Do Anything star NIAMH PERRY is also looking forward to 2009 with anticipation.

"I am excited to see what will happen next year because I am unsure of a couple of jobs and can't wait to see what kind of path I will go for the whole career thing

"I am a firm believer in fate, whatever happens is supposed to, so I can't wait to see what will happen."


helen said...

Ooh very interesting! I hope Rachel will invite at least one TT member to her wedding, for journalistic purposes, of course!! :)

Perhaps the blog could offer Rachel and Guy an OK/Hello-style deal for exclusive access to wedding photos? I'm certainly willing to contribute - and gladly offer the £1.26 I found down the back of my parents' sofa this afternoon ;)

Also the drink Rachel and Guy have in that photo looks really good. It's making me want to go to the pub...again.

Have a great NYE everyone!


David said...

Hmmmm well I daresay we could run another blog competition to decide who gets the possible invite but given the worldwide controversy sparked by the last one, it might be better to give it a miss.
Given that the wedding reception will be held literally down the road from my house and I've recently bought a new camera, I think Andy should go.

Andy said...

I like your logic David lol.

Anonymous said...

its more logical if i go, i mean you know i am the closest afterall.