Saturday, 27 December 2008

Meat or Scaramouche?

After much deliberation we still can't decide who the rightful winner of the competition should be so we've decided the only fair way to resolve it is with a play off.

We have ruled Chris out as he didn't quite manage to predict the winning song but we failed to separate Emily and Lois.

Emily correctly predicted Bo Rap would win and has both the second and third place songs but in the wrong order. However Lois correctly predicted Bo Rap would win, is closer with the votes and although she missed out No-One But You, she did get third place spot on.

Here is how the play off will work:

1) We are going to set up a new poll 'Do you prefer Rachel as Meat or Scaramouche?'

2) Before we add it to the blog we want Emily and Lois to guess which will win and how many votes both will receive.

1st Meat (15)
2nd Scaramouche (14)

3) Once we have both their predictions the poll will start and run for 10 days.

As there are only 2 possibilities you will only be allowed one vote each this time.

Anyone can vote but obviously it's going to be easier for those who have been lucky enough to see Rachel in both roles. If you haven't you could simply vote for your favourite character.

Lois and Emily please email your guesses to either Andy or David:





Anonymous said...

lol david if you just let me enter this competition again you wouldn't have this problem haha

good idea to solve this though, be funny if they have the same results!

David said...

Oh the drama!

Chris H said...

I think Chris should have won!