Sunday, 28 December 2008

Exclusive Sydmonton Audio

Here is a very interesting audio, apparently a 'live' recording of the six Nancies who attended Sydmonton back in July. Rachel's distinctive vocal is very evident and the audio quality is excellent.

According to the Myspace page, the song; 'All Roads Lead To You' was written by Al Lloyd-Webber with lyrics by Don Black. There is also a version sung by Niamh on her own.

It appears that this recording was posted some time ago, but has been well hidden as it's current low number of plays would indicate.

A big thanks to Ginger from the IF for finding this fascinating recording.

The song is track number four on the Myspace page linked below.


The song itself has a very poppy, dare I say Girls Aloud type-feel to it, and it's extremely catchy.
Also worth checking out track number 6 which I personally think is great electro-pop.

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AnnaaP said...

I LOVE it. I think those girls could be such an awesome girl band. It is a little Girls Aloud-ish but theres nothing wrong with that :D