Thursday, 25 December 2008

Rachel & Niamh's Christmas Show

I've just had a listen to Rachel & Niamh's 'Show Stoppers' Christmas Show on BBC Radio Ulster, and trust me it's well worth an hour of your time!

There is some great music and great chat and Niamh and Rachel gel really well. The show will be repeated on 27th December at 12 noon, but in case that doesn't suit, Derek has very kindly recorded the show for us and you can download and listen here:


I reckon that Rachel could have a back-up career as a late-night radio DJ, as she certainly has the voice for it!

Here is the full song listing:

Food Glorious Food (Oliver)
Me and my Gal (Judy Garland & Gene Kelly)
Tell me it's not True (Kiki Dee)
Send In The Clowns (Judi Dench)
On My Own (Niamh Perry)
Popular (Wicked)
Never Forget (Take That)
Oh What A Night (Frankie Valli & The Four Seasons)
Greenfinch and Linnet Bird (Jane Weisner)
Mammy (Al Jolson)
Maybe This Time (Rachel Tucker)
Wishing You Were.. (Sarah Brightman)
Can It Be You (Niamh Perry & Keith Jack)
Over The Rainbow (Judy Garland)
Thank God It's Christmas (Queen)

Rachel and Niamh had some inter-song chats about IDA, the Proms, Only The Brave, Oz and WWRY.

Interesting that Rachel mentioned 'knocking on doors and getting nowhere' before IDA, which does make you wonder why it takes a show like IDA to make theatre-land take notice of a talent right under their nose.

She also mentioned how nervous she was at the Belfast Proms, something which I must say I did pick up on that evening, being so close to the stage. No surprise as singing in front of a huge crowd with an 80 piece orchestra whilst being broadcast live on TV and radio must have been terrifying. But listening to 'Maybe This Time', she gave a flawless performance as always.

The songs sung by Niamh & Rachel are the Belfast Proms recordings, which are of course already available on the blog, but great to hear them on the radio too.

Enjoy the rest of your Christmas everyone!


Derrers said...

Hi All.

Derrers popping in from Jessie's Blog to say this was a really great programme and I have made it available for download as a MP3 file from the following link.

Anonymous said...

thank you so much Derek! its really appreciated by me, probably would miss both shows if you didnt record so thanks!

niamh said...

Any chance the download link could be re-uploaded? It's expired now, but i'd love to hear the recording! Thanks to any kind soul in advance!!