Monday, 10 November 2008

Rachel on Last.FM + Jodie Prenger

As a Last.FM addict, I thought it only fair to highlight Rachel's page on the site. Each time a Last.FM member plays one of Rachel's songs on their PC, Mac or Ipod, the information is stored on the site.


In the past, we've offered congratulations on the blog to the other IDA girls on their new roles, but as yet we haven't mentioned the lady who actually won the contest.

'Oliver' is due to open next month and those lucky enough to get a ticket will be able to see Jodie play the role which was so hotly contested back in the spring.

Along with Ashley, Jodie attended Rachel's opening night in September and was a real hit with several members of Team Tucker, one in particular (clue -- she's one of our bloggers).

So with the release of some 'Oliver' cast photos, I thought this was a good time to congratulate Jodie on her upcoming performances and wish her all the very best.


And finally I'd just like to congratulate ourselves on reaching fifty thousand hits with over eleven thousand unique visitors!

I think it's fair to say that Rachel is rather popular.


helen said...

50,000 hits is such an amazing achievement and we should all be congratulated, so pat yourselves on the back, everyone.

It's just another irrefutable demonstration of how wonderfully successful the blog has been in uniting all of us Rachel fans and giving us a space to express our admiration and adoration for Rachel, and I for one am so, so looking forward to meeting the bloggers on Saturday and thanking them in person for all the great work that they do and the brilliant service they provide.

And of course, it practically goes without saying that it's a sign of how popular Rachel was on I'd Do Anything and continues to be, both among IDA fans and the new crowd of WWRY fans. I simply cannot wait to see We Will Rock You, I'm unbelievably excited. I've been wanting to see Rachel perform on stage for eight months!! So I should take this opportunity to make my apologies in advance if on Saturday night I appear like a big kid at Christmas!

jb said...

Congratulations on the BIG 50...well done to one and all.